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    I always like seeing D&J, but I felt that A) they were far too intense on driving Jennifer toward legal custody and B) their exchange was excessive to the point of dialog getting silly. It seems they’re just going on hearsay about Chad, although he does appear to be losing it.


    And Jennifer doesn’t????




     Hello, isn’t Jennifer just recovering from a drug addiction? Is she really yhe right person to be taking care of a baby? Would she give up her child under similar circumstances?

    By the way, I really hate it when she says "my baby girl"! For goodness sake Abigail is an adult woman! 

    I think Julis and doug should stay out of it!


    for some time now. I would rather Days continue to show her out of control behavior for awhile that was so much more entertaining than this anal retentive person who is just annoying.


    Her judgmental attitude bugs the heck out of me.


     the whole town could benefit from some intense psyciatric counceling.  Name one character that doesn’t have problems.


    Maybe when Mama Laura comes to town she’s slap her into next week and tell her to STFU!!! Jen has no hope of winning that baby with her recent addition problem. Chad gets Belle to rep him – who’s Jen gonna get? Uncle Mick’s pushing up daisies…Aiden?


     and, wow, they SOARASed Jennifer’s recovery period.  "She’s been clean for months now????"  Just a few weeks ago we saw her ripping the damn house apart looking for her pills.  Next scene she’s attending an N.A. meeting with Lucas and Maggie.  Now she’s free from her addiction and ready to sue Chad for full custody of because she feels "he’s coming apart."  Seems we should have at least seen something to warrant that spectacular recovery.  LMAO!  These damn writers are awful!!!


     I find myself deleting whole or 3/4 of episodes. And please tell me I’m not alone that Ciara is STILL out of her acting league in the storyline. Awful, the whole show.


     It makes me and my family seem so normal and reasonable, LOL


    Doug and Julie are living with Jennifer to supervise her and make sure she stays clean.  If she can’t take care of herself, what right does she have to take away someone’s baby? And Chad may be no expert in raising kids, but he is an expert at Thomas, he’s been with him every day all day for months (it’s not like Chad is working), plus he hired a nanny to help him. Jennifer hasn’t had him overnight since Abby spent a few nights there with Thomas months ago. It’s ridiculous! Why doesn’t Jen ask if she can stay at the mansion for a few nights if she’s soooo worried? It’s almost like they’re saying a single dad can’t be a fit parent and it makes me want to scream!


    to court Jen’s lawyer will say Doug and Julie are there for backup. And yeah, what is wrong with single fathers??!


    When I see Chad, Ciara, etc, I just delete the episode.  Where the heck is Black Patch?  Can’t believe I’m not on vacation and have been Days-free for almost 2 weeks.  The thing is I really like Chad/Billy F, but this SL stinks.


     Isn’t Jennifer working?  If she is so recovered shouldn’t she be back at work?


     Jen has this superior attitude that really ticks me off. And now JJ is following in her footsteps. WTH is this stuff about Chad "scaring my baby" and that’s why she ran? Listen Jen it is the fear of your mother’s mental illness that made her run and I sure hope Laura plants that seed when she shows up. Jen is the one feeling guilty because she feels she passed this on to her daughter and she is taking it out on Chad. 

    And PLEASE stop calling him "Baby Thomas". If there was another Thomas in town I would get it but he is the only one.

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