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    I’m really disappointed in Anna taking part in this.  Yes, she’s always been money hungry and willing to pull of shady dealings but, geeze, this is a FEDERAL felony.  What are they going to do with her after this?  Will she end up in jail or will EJ somehow exonerate her?  Thoughts?


    So right Bonbon, it is a Federal crime case.  But when has that ever stopped anyone in Salem from getting some kind of retribution or punishment, (yes, Nicole is in jail right now – but she’ll be out I’ll bet soon).  Look at all the crimes Stefano, EJ, Sami, Kate, Viv, Victor, etc., has gotten away with over the years with no jail time or even a slap on the wrist. 

    In Salem, you can do the crime and NOT have to do the time.  (Maybe because Bo’s busy with phone calls). As I said before, EJ is teflon coated, so Anna may take the fall for this – but then for how long – not sure if she’s back for long term or just this SL.  I so want this story line to wrap up.  EJ may pay her the $5Mill so Anna can get on with her life and not money grub anymore – unless she blows all the money like Kate and Nicole have that they have "acquired" over the years.

    I still think that it is possible the writers may have Nicole ride in on a white horse and finger Anna with the boots/voice and that will resolve the "who took Sydney" story.  That maybe how she is going to be exonerated and get her "get out of jail card".  But please writers, it’s been a year now, however you wrap this up – please get this story line done and move on!

    Carol J

    Before I read your post, I just posted nearly the same thing in another thread.


    is waiting on Ari Z.’s return, and I agree…she will be the one to do E.J. in, and as much as I hate what she did, all would be forgiven if she could be the one to put that louse where he belongs.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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