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    as she smiled adoringly up at EJ today as they left the courtroom?  It was almost as if she worshipped him and thought he was better that ‘ice cream’.  I”m sure anyone would be very glad to get out of jail,  but seriously, does she really think EJ is such a great guy!!!




    She’s just like Sami falling for his good guy act.  Dumb.


    these two together! I NEVER like Ari & Brady together anyway. Glad that’s ended! To me that look seemed like a "thank you for believing in me and helping me". She has that sad look down! And we ALL know EJami won’t last.


    Sorry, but this is one character I’ve never cared for. I really don’t like her with anyone! Funny, because my mom loved her as Teresa on Passions and she loves her on Days. I’m rooting for Nicole because I can’t stand Ari.


     absolutely hate the way Ariana is being written.  She’s supposed to be this gang leader’s woman in her past, all up into drugs and crime, etc., even went to prison for it; yet all she seems to be able to do now is prove what a great crier she is.   I wanted her to so bad jump up and grab Nicole around the throat and just slap the crap out of her.  I hope when she really does get the proof of what Nicole did to her, that the bad girl in her comes out and Nicole will know what really does come in small packages.  In other words, I despise Nicole Walker with a passion beyond my wildest belief and hope Ari’s revenge is all that it deserves to be.  And why in the hell doesn’t E.J., brilliant lawyer that he is supposedly, have Nicole followed?  Her broad daylight meetings with Baker would have meant E.J. would really have something on her instead of having it turn out to be her trapping him.   E.J. DiMera is the biggest destruction of a character I have seen of late, next to Stefano, of course.  At least he’s more himself in Nicole’s presence.  Hell, Kate is more of a villain than her husband and her stepson put together.  Anyway, I really like Ariana, but not with Brady.  I don’t like her with E.J. either, but it looks to me like the writers might be leaning in that direction.  God, please, no, not a triangle with E.J./Sami/Ariana.  I couldn’t bear to watch Sami’s huffing and puffing in the same scenes with Ariana’s hero worshiping glances.  Ugh!


     Passions.  I believe she can turn the water works on and off at the drop of a hat.  You do make some valid points about her history as a drug dealer and dealer’s woman.  She should be tougher!


    I think the other actress who played Arianna came across as tougher and would have done a better job up against Nicole.


    the mother triangle/quadrangle/pentangle/sextangle (whatever) of all time.  It looks like it’s  going to be Nicole-Brady-Arianna-EJ-Sami-Rafe.  O-M-G!  Can you imagine?  Maybe they should try to hook up Rafe and Nicole so we could have a complete circle.  Bet THAT’S never been done before. 


    Ari’s background is supposed to be a former gang leader drug pusher?   HA!  Completely unbelievable. No way. In their dreams.

    No disrepect to the actress, but she’s boring. At least she has more chemistry with EJ – because Nicole & Brady have more chemistry!  That push/pull magnetism  – that Brady can’t turn his back on Nicole no matter what she’s done.   Brady does a great job with that emotion crossing his face.


    I agree. I like the first actress much better and thougth she was good with Brady. I have nothing invested in this actress. Don’t care about this story line. Personally like Brady better with Nicole.

    On the side, I thought that an attorney could not provide the bail money for a client.

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