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    With Sonny coming on this week. With two weeks they had played up Victor’s death, to pay tribute to Aniston. It was Victor who threw the wedding for his great-nephew & Will, & he allowed the wedding to take place in his home. Caroline & Victor are related to Will & Sonny, Caroline, Will’s great-grandmother & Victor, Sonny’s great-uncle, Caroline & Victor also share a son, Bo Brady. Now, with an aging amnesiac played by Dick Van Dyke, back when Sonny married Will, Kayla typed her mother’s speech, that speech was about James & Robert, Kayla takes this man on as a patient. I wonder could his character either be James & or Robert, from Caroline’s speech. Is there any chance that ZT’s Sonny stays on to find out who this guy is & some way, some how, would Will come back into the picture & be apart of this story, given that James & Robert’s story was told by Caroline at their wedding?

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