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    The pre-nominations for the 38th annual Daytime Emmy awards have been announced. The final list of nominees is announced on May 11 and the statuettes will be presented on June 19 in Las Vegas.

    Outstanding Lead Actor Pre-Nominees:

    Days of Our Lives’ Peter Reckell (Bo) and James Scott (EJ).

    Outstanding Lead Actress Pre-Nominees:

    Days of Our Lives’ Kristian Alfonso (Hope) and Alison Sweeney (Sami).

    Outstanding Supporting Actor Pre-Nominees:

    Days of Our Lives’ Shawn Christian (Daniel) and Jay Johnson (Philip).

    Outstanding Supporting Actress Pre-Nominees:

    Days of Our Lives’ Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole).

    Outstanding Younger Actor Pre-Nominees:

    Days of Our Lives’ Casey Deidrick (Chad) and Chandler Massey (Will).

    Outstanding Younger Actress Pre-Nominees:

    Days of Our Lives’ Molly Burnett (Melanie) and Shelley Hennig (Stephanie).


    understand how Arianne Zucker can be catagorized as a supporting actress.  If James Scott warrants a lead role, shouldn’t she too?  To me, a supporting role is someone like Kate or Maggie.  Heck Arianne has had more screen time than either Kristian or Allison.  So what, I wonder, is the criteria.

    Other than that, I whole-heartedly agree with all the noms.


     I’d rather see real ‘young’ people being nominated!  They should  have picked the kid(s) playing Johnny for younger actor and the first Sydney for younger actress. I see the younger ones nominated as being more ‘supporting’ than younger.  If they have "younger" then maybe they should have "older" for the Victor/Stefano/Caroline/Maggie actors?  :-)

    I suspect the reason Nicole is in supporting is that there’s too much competition with Hope/Sami for all to get nominated.  


     DOOL wins something this year.  Remember last year …. someone was nominated in practically every category, and DOOL, it’s talented actors, technical people, directors, writers (I know, undeserved), down to hair and make-up, did not win anything.  Maybe we’ll get luckier this year.  I know the 2011 Emmys are awarded for work performed in 2010, but it just rubs me the wrong way when an individual category is won by a person who is no longer with the show, especially if they were fired.  But then, the actor nominees present their own tape(s) of what they believe to be their best performance, so I guess it should not be surprising if once they’re gone, they’re not forgotten.

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