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     You all may already know this, but I just discovered today that there is an older actress and singer name Cleo Laine, once described as , "Simply the best voice in the world."  I was listening to American Standards and Jazz Vocals on satellite TV today, and I noticed her name.  I had to wonder if Chloe Lane was named after her.  Wikipedia said that she is the only female ever nominated for Jazz, Pop and Classical.  When she first came on the show, they really put a lot of focus on her voice, and seemed to try to present her as a Charlotte Church type character.


    I wish they would let her sing more on the show. I remember we even heard her sing to Allie when Chloe and Lucas were together. She would sing lullabies. Why doesn’t she ever sing to Parker? I think if Chloe were given the opportunity to sing on the show, she would get a new life that wasn’t so dependent on men.


     wasn’t she a "do as I say, not as I do" preacher with Brady yesterday?  I’m so glad he didn’t just take it from her without giving her a few reminders of her part in all of this.  Must be the damn make up.  She was back to looking like a hooker yesterday with all the heavy make-up.  She’s such a natural beauty, I don’t know why they insist on making her look like that.  Accentuating her beautiful eyes is one thing; making her look like she’s modeling for Playboy is something else.  These writers just cannot seem to control their insistence at ruining these characters, especially after they see how much better they were doing.  James Scott is a perfect example of character assassination , followed by Ari Z., Eric M., and quite a few more.  


    if she sings.  Don’t know for sure, just speculating.  It seems to me I remember something to that effect when Gloria Lorring was on the show.

    Carol J

    I think I remember reading that they had to pay too much in royalties to the song writer every time a song is sung.


    Yes.  I’d read that in an interview with Suzanne Rogers when they were talking about the music at Doug’s Place and Blondies and how it’s so different now with the high cost of royalties.  But there are a lot of songs that are public domain I’m sure they could find some old ones or little heard ones that would fit into the show just as well. 

    Remember the time when there were theme songs for different couples.  

    Bo & Hope: Tonight, I Celebrate My Love For You, I also think of Bo riding in on his motorcycle when I hear I Need a Hero by Bonnie Tyler

    Steve & KaylaLady in Red

    Doug & JulieThe Most Beautiful Girl in the World

    Eve Donovan would sing Wind Beneath My Wings and Nick would love to hear it.

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