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    Am I the only one feeling sorry for Chloe these days?  I mean hearing Victor bad mouth her to Maggie, then getting insulted by someone that she doesnt even know.  I absolutely can not stand that they blame it all on chloe,  yes she’s screwed up,  BUT SHE CHEATED WITH DANIEL!!!!!  Everyone has just seemed to completly forget this little fact!!   Daniel is just some innocent guy who got burned by his wife.  PLEASE!   I must say though I have been enjoying Days so much more these Days. lol!  


    I think they have decided to turn Chloe into a little tramp.  First of all, she didn’t drive Brady to drink, it was drugs he was on.  And I think he little indiscretion with Philip should have been forgiven once Daniel knew the circumstances.  This whole thing with Chloe is a farce.  I just wish they’d keep her out of the bars though.

    Speaking of that, has anyone noticed how many young women we see drinking alone at The Cheatin’ Heart?  You frequently see men drinking alone but unless they’re hard-core alcoholics, you don’t usually see women.  Although, if a man is in a bar drinking alone, I’d say he ought to question why and maybe he has a problem.


     Chloe is a dysfunctioning, self-destructive, weakling who creates her own mess.  I don’t care who told her Daniel did this and Carly did that.  She did not have the common sense to even question Daniel and Carly face to face?  Instead, she listens to a jealous imbecile like Vivian, takes her word for it, knowing what she is capable of, and then decides to sing her favorite song to Philip …. "WHY DON’T WE GET DRUNK AND SCREW?"  So, they did and now she wants everybody’s life to be as miserable as hers.  Maggie is nuts for taking her in, especially since I already know what she’s going to do next.


    I feel more sorry for Nadia Bjorlin than Chloe.  This character is steadily being ruined.  She is nothing but a weak little lush these days.

    Ms. Jake

    I agree with both of you! I loved the chemistry between Daniel & Chloe and hoped they’d get past this….why do the writters have to break everybody up!!! I hope they turn Chloe’s life around and she finds happiness.

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