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    kind of been "tra-la-la".  Ghoul Girl was her strongest story line to date until this story, mostly, she was just flitting from man-to-man-to-man since those days.  Like you said Casey, the writers could really make this a great platform if they would do some research and really make this a memorable story line about post-partum that we could talk about for years to come, but unfortunately they aren’t looking to win any Pulitzer Prizes or great novel, seems like they don’t think we’d all love a deep story line that really has something to sink our teeth into.  Alas, just more soap drivel, I’m afraid.


     When I saw Chloe yesterday in her jeans, I was surprised at how skinny she is.  Not that she’s the skinniest person on the show, but I always thought she was more of a curvy girl but there were no curves, just straight down and very thin legs.  Not a criticism, just an observation.  And her chest looked smaller too.  I guess without all the push-up bras that’s how it normally looks.  I still liked her realistic look though as you could believe her suffering much more than if she was dresses to the nines.



     Chloe is beautiful but has always been insecure. She has not moved on from Daniel and Kate knew just which buttons to push. If a person has PPD she has lost perspective and thus open to suggestion, graping ast sny reason to explain her feelings. That said, Chloe should know better than to accept Kate’s advice.  Then again, her stongest ally Philip just told her that he didn’t believe her, chosing Melanie over her.  

    It ws kind of dumb having her fold laundry–if she has PPD, she wouldn’t care about that.  


Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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