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    It really is disgusting that Bo is sleeping with Carly. But of course not only is he sleeping with her but he is sleeping wither her in not only his house which he and his wife purchased and in the bed that belongs to him and his wife which he has made love to his wife in. It’s absolutely nasty and Carly might as well be some low life second best ghetto trash. Who in their right mind, regardless of them being separated or not would sleep with a married man in his wife’s bed? Absolutely Disgusting  and it makes both he and Carly look cheap and easy. Back in the day when it was between Billie and Carly I was always a Carly Bo fan but now that Hope is back and they have such a strong love, long history, three kids (one of whom was run over by Bo’s daughter and Bo covered up) and have gotten through that. I couldn’t see Bo with anyone else but Hope. I think they will continue to lose viewers if they do not get Bo’s head out of his behind.


    I mean come on, Hope’s uncle passes away and all he can say is I made your day worse! Retarded, I mean someone who has been married for as many years as he has to Hope would not  be oh I made your day worse. This is some of the worst writting I have ever seen! Get a clue writers!


    That didn’t look like Bo and Hope’s bedroom.  The door had something on it like you would see on the door at a hotel.  Wasn’t that where they were?  I really don’t care cause they made me ill to watch.




    Carly is always pulling that act of being so noble – like today packing her bags. But it doesn’t take much for Bo to convince her otherwise. She is a slug and Bo not far behind. With so little emotional regard for his wife, how can their marriage and connection ever be retrieved?


    Bo and Hope are going to reconcile, but I sure do hate seeing this blatant disregard for their marriage that Bo and Carly are displaying right now.  It’s disgusting to watch, regardless of how Peter Reckell tried to sugar-coat it in his interview in SOD.  It puts Bo in a much more unforgivable light than I ever thought of Hope being in.  Yes, she made mistakes with the blame game; yes, she took Ciara out of the house; but she didn’t take Justin to bed, and right now Bo and Carly look like two of the biggest pieces of trash this show has seen in a long time.


     does Bo?  Remember Vivian delighted in telling him about Justin and Hope kissing.  If Bo assumed (wrongly – yes) things went the same way for Hope as it did for him, he assumed they did the deed too!  


    with one another right now.  I’m sure if he believed she had sex with Justin, he would have either accused her of it, or asked her outright, and, like him, I don’t think she would have denied the truth.


    the encounter between Hope and Carly.  It was good to hear both of them getting in their shots at each other.  Don’t get me wrong here…I rate Carly’s actions with Bo at 8-below-plant-life.  However, I really thought it would be a one-sided match with Hope doing all the attacking; but, it was a good exhange for me.  It was the first time I’ve seen Carly’s eyes wide open…it seems that she’s always squinting and frowning.

    I do have one question:  What in the world was Carly wearing!?  It almost looked like some kind of jacket that was inspired by some of the space suits that have been worn by characters in Star Trek.  It looked very uncomfortable and not attractive at all.


    I found myself looking and listening from one to the other when Carly and Hope were having their face-off, thinking….’she’s right about that;’ then, ‘yeah, Hope, she’s spot-on with that one;’ or, ‘the truth hurts, but you did do that,’ so I really felt the exchange was well acted and well written.  I actually would have enjoyed it much more if Melanie hadn’t thrown her two worthless cents into their conversation.  Also, bad timing being that it was held in Maggie’s house on the day of Mickey’s death.  But, all in all, I thought Kristian and Crystal did a terrific job with it.


    I agree and I thought many comments Carly said were right on.  I hated the sex scene, but I have to admit the aftermath has been good.


    They definitely did the deed in Carly’s hotel room.  Not that it makes it any better.




    Yes, some of Carly’s comments were spot-on, but she still had a lot of nerve to say them to the woman whose husband she just committed adultery with.  They’re not legally separated, divorced or have even mentioned divorce, yet Carly says she’s not sorry about it.  In my book, she’s an unbelievably shameless HO!  And Bo is fungus.

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