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    So did you all enjoy Kate and Viv’s cake fight? LMAO.  So would rather watch that than EJ and Taylor.  Gag me with a spoon.  blech.  I cant wait for the new actress to come on to see how it’s going to change. they sure cast Taylor and Fay well,  they both have that sort of breathless way of speaking.  very distracting.  and man now that i notice DArio’s eyes i cant think of anything else when he’s on!  haha.  cross eyes!   Does anyone know what excuse Stephanie is going to use for leaving Salem?  just curious about that.

    loved watching Bo and Hope today.  so cute!  still dont understand why Ciera thinks she has to run away.  I love her and little theo togehter. they are so cute.  I can see them growing up and being the new Belle and Shawn. 


    Her face looks a little fuller.  Maybe she’s put on 1 or 2 pounds because she doesn’t have that gaunt look.


    I dont’ remember who’s leaving first, Stephanie or Nathan but maybe she stalks him all the way to Johns Hopkins. 

    I think it’s tomorrow that Hope tells Bo that everything came to a head when Ciera was kidnapped and Ciera overhears.  She later tells Theo that it’s her fault her parents split and if she leaves then they’ll be happy again. 



     Mark Hapka (Nathan) – last air date – March 28th;

    Shelly Henning (Stephanie) – last air date – April 11th;

    Jay K. Johnson (Philip) – last air date – April 19th.


    the cake fight. I like the b****hy fights between Kate and Viv.  One of the few times you’ll hear me say "Go Kate" ! LOL.


    but I thought maybe it was the makeup.  I was thinking they had been adding makeup to make her look gaunt and tired during the last few weeks.  She definately looks better now, whatever the reason.  My dh even remarked about it!


    I was really getting worried about her for a while.


    standing in the hallway outside the living room about to bring cookies to share with them.  Then she told Theo that her parents broke up because of her.

    The actor who plays Theo had a part in "The Middle" last night as one of the neighborhood kids who interacts with Brick. 


    Kate get smashed in to the cake.  At least with cake all over her face she doesn’t look as Botoxy and puffy lipped. 


    it hadn’t looked so contrived.  Did you notice how both ladies turned their heads to make sure they got cake on their faces?  Sorry, not well done.

    I can understand how Ciera feels.  My youngest son was 15 when we were beginning our divorce and he and some frends went out one night and cut the heck out of a chain link fence.  When we asked him what possibly possessed him to do that, he said he thought if he got into trouble, we’d get back together to help him out.  Boy, the way kids think.

    I thought Ciera did a fabulous job showing her emotions when she was listing to Bope.  It’s one thing to say lines but to portray her feelings that well was very well done.  I think she’s going to turn out to be quite the little actress.


    I was wondering about these dates. The way Nathan told Maggie good-bye and walked up the stairs at Mrs. Horton’s house the other day, I thought that might be his last day, but guess not.


     don’t even know why they did it.  Save the cake/cat fights for Sami and Nicole and/or Sami and Carrie.  It was like Lauren and Louise were both determined not to break a nail, and the whole thing was over and done with in less than 2 minutes.  I wanted to see Kate push her face in the cake, and both of them rolling on the floor, but I guess they are far too along in years to have that kind of display of aggressiveness in their lives.  Too bad, they both had it coming, but I was not thrilled with this at all.  The best part about it was Vivian’s lines:  "what’s the matter, haven’t you ever seen a woman with cake on her face?" followed by: "well, I CAN have my cake and eat it, too."  So, ladies, leave the physical aggressiveness to Sami and Nicole, and stick with ‘death by poisoned brownies’ or have your man-servant do it, or something where neither of you will get your hands dirty.  I did have to laugh a little when my imagination ran away with me when I thought of how they were both going to look walking outside on the street covered in cake and icing.



    I know Patti, I thought of the same thing when it was over.  that would be hilarious to see such dignified women of Salem with cake and frosting all over them!  I wish Nicole saw them like that. 


    I have noticed that too.  So glad.  I think she looks better than she has in a long time.


    the cake fight was alright but I was confused at to why a random cake was in the middle of Java. Anyway I am going to miss JKJ…the one and only Philip.

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