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    According to RC, Bo and Hope are coming back! They will be on Peacock July 11–15, in a Beyond Salem special that spans the globe. I hope this leaves and opening for them to return to Salem in the future. Also speculating this, we know Victoria Konefal is not going to be on very much after the baby is born. Once a very alive Bo and Hope are seen, could Ciera possibly go and stay with them for a while in order to keep her baby safe?


    How exactly will Ciara keep her child safe with Bo & Hope, when Carlivati had put it out there that Allie’s satan is endgame & may be put to an end two months before this even appears on Peacock.

    Then, there’s this: With all the characters that are going to be on this Beyond Salem sequel, they have no ties to Bo & Hope at all, now do they, so why have them involved with this ?

    Then, this: Let’s say that they play out Hope’s death, & Bo welcomes her to join him in the hereafter, what about the characters that going to be non-existent in this sequel, meaning, Doug, if they play out Hope’s death, can you imagine the backlash that this sequel will get given that Hope is Doug’s daughter & he isn’t apart of this.

    It’s too reminscent with Jan’s fantasy in The Last Blast Reunion, in her fantasy, she had murdered Philip & Chloe & only Chloe’s parents showed up to bury her & no Victor, given that he’s Philly-boy’s daddy, don’t you think?

    Carlivati knows very well of the backlash surrounding Will’s murder & he’s willing to cause the backlash again by killing off Hope, if they go there, that is ?


    First of all, what makes you think no one will have a connection to Bo and Hope. John and Marlena will be there, and Steven and Kayla will also be there. I’ve heard Ciera is supposed to be there too. We don’t know all the actors on the Beyond Salem special, but I’m sure there will be others connected to Bo and Hope. Also, you are making a big supposition that Hope is going to be killed off. What if Bo was never dead or Dr. Rolf’s serum brought him back to life, like everyone else, and the ISA has been using Bo in the background. Then Hope found out Bo was alive when she was searching for Ciera, which explains why she never came back to Salem. I know she loves her child, but Bo is the love of her life and if she found him, but he has to remain hidden from the world, she would probably stay with him.


    So is Bo alive after all


    What I’m getting at is it that Gabi, Li Shin & Tripp have no connection to BOPE, now do they? I can’t see them playing anything up with Gabi, Li Shin & or Tripp, given that JARLENA & BOPE, much less PATCHAYLA are to the show, meaning, with BOPE, JARLENA & PATCHAYLA being the show’s NUMBER 1 SUPERCOUPLES OF ALL TIME, when it comes to the show, do you really think that anyone would be interested with SHINBIPP, now would they, no matter which way, meaning, Hope being welcomed into the here-after by Bo or him being alive, for that matter, don’t you think?

    Then there’s this: this is hypothetical, let’s say that Bo’s alive, isn’t it very odd that they are allowing Bo’s daddy to keep thinking he’s dead with him being MIA from this?


    Well, Bo’s own children are supposed to believe he’s dead. Where did you hear that Li Shin and Gabi are going to be on Beyond Days? I did hear Tripp would be on, but I’m assuming because he is Steve’s son. It doesn’t mean he’ll have a huge part, just means he’ll be on. I’m not really worried or trying to make sense of it. It’s on in July and I’ll watch it to see what happens.


    Look at the soapsheknows message board for this show.

    look for Beyond Salem 2 Airs July 11-15

    Lucas Adams: Tripp Johnson
    Camila Banus: Gabi Hernandez
    Mary Beth Evans: Kayla Johnson
    Remington Hoffman: Li Shin
    Drake Hogestyn: John Black
    Victoria Konefal: Ciara Brady
    Stephen Nichols: Steve Johnson
    Robert Scott Wilson: Ben Weston

    I don’t know which way that they will do it.

    If they play up that Bo’s alive & well & with Hooe, it’s very
    odd that John Aniston’s Victor isn’t a part of this, given that
    Victor is Bo’s dad, right ?

    If they play up of Hope being welcomed into the here-after by Bo,
    it’s still very odd Seyforth & Bill’s Julie & Doug are not apart
    of this, given that Hope is Doug’s daughter.

    I may not know which way they will go, but still with Bo being
    Victor’s son & Hope being Doug’s daughter, they are exempt from

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