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    I was loving them today.  The whole thing with the apron was funny.  It’s obvious Hope is upset about not returning to the force but she wants to make the best of the situation.  She is just glad to be home.  I hope they continue with the slow going "getting to know you again" vibe they have been using with these two.  Bo needs to court her.  This could go on for months and they can eventually get remarried and the fans would be interested in yet another Bo and Hope wedding if they don’t rush into it and would also give newer fans a taste of why they are a supercouple in the first place.


    I was thinking when they were kissing on the couch how many years that has been going on between them.  They must feel as comfortable with each other as a real-life married couple in those scenes. 

    I can’t imagine how a spouse would feel though about someone kissing their partner like that for so many years.  But, I guess it’s all just a job for them.  They do it well, that’s for sure.

    Anyway, I hope that this is the LAST time they are broken up.  I only wonder what’s going to happen to Carly now.


     and while being comfortable, it’s probably not ‘fun’ or ‘romantic.’  From what I’ve read, they do those scenes with lots of people around telling them to do this, do that, etc.   Embarrassing?  Maybe 


     because going back and considering all of the mistakes they BOTH made, and I mean all the way back to Zach’s death, would make extremely hard for me to understand them jumping right back into their marriage, especially their marriage bed.  Trust is a very hard thing to find once it’s been lost.


    scenes) look effortless is because they are professionals at what they do – it may be a bit more difficult at first when actors are learning their craft or just coming on to a show as a new character, but Peter and Kristen have been doing theses scenes for over a quarter of a century now, (off and on), so they must be used to the kissie face scenes by now!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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