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    Bo made me sick today, the way he talked about Hope and they outgrew each other, and told Carly she is the one he wants. Bo was always my favorite character – until lately. He is just being a jerk !!


    today, and I didn’t like it at all.  However, I thought Carly was even a worse jerk with her condescending remark to Hope  when she said if she was in jail and out of the way, then maybe Bo and Hope could get back together.  That Carly sure thinks a lot of herself!!!!



    to Carly – "You are the woman that I LOVE".

    I haven’t been watching lately but I watched yesterday – he didn’t use the "L" word.  Deliberately, perhaps?

    Just an observation…



    I’ve been ‘flip-flopping’ between these two (Bo and Hope) for some time now, only because it’s hard to understand how mean, hateful and heartless they have been, and still are, to each other, but I sure found myself back on the Hope wagon yesterday.  What a smug piece of work Carly Manning is.  How dare this *itch take that attitude with Hope.  But I was more than satisfied with Hope’s ‘right back atcha’ response.  Now, here’s where I stop pretending that eventually Bo an Hope will find out how much they truly love and belong to each other.  Hope is making every effort to help Carly from going to jail, which, I’m sorry, is where she belongs.  Guess we are supposed to interpret Hope’s behavior as her being able to prove that she is such a good cop that she is willing to put her broken marriage aside in order to save her husband’s whore.  Too bad, Hope.  I was hoping you would have simply reared back and given her a fresh one, right across that smug condescending mouth of hers.  As for Bo, I can now honestly say:  "LET HIM HAVE HER."  And Hope, two can ‘move on’ as easily as one.   Now, it’s a good thing you’re going off-canvas for a while, Peter.  I’ve been all over the boards, and the fans are really starting to throw stones in your and Carly’s direction now.  But, after giving it some thought, I wonder…..two months away; in the middle of a major story-line; and the Police Commissioner, for heaven’s sake!!!!  Are TPTB trying to tell US something, or are they trying to tell YOU something????


    Did she actually say if she went to the Big House that would clear the way for a B&H reunion??! First off, it makes her sound like the ultimate deluded martyr. And/or does she think that much of herselfand that no one could take “her” man as long as she was in the picture?
    Third, and most important, IF she really thinks she’s being so noble to plead guilty, than why would she need prison to back away from Bo? Why doesn’t this piece of work take the high road and get the heck outta Bo’s life!
    How could anyone stand up for Doctor Manning!!


    so I just wish she would go away.  I’m not crazy about Hope either, so has always had this "holier than thou" attitude IMO.  But I think Bo and Hope will eventually get back together.


    Hope brought this on herself, she pulled the rug out from under Bo after the Sierra kidnapping. Bo and Hope are cops, Hope needed to act like one and not like Sammi has during the second child faux kidnapping.

    I think part of Bo’s reaction to Carly now is to keep her from pleading guilty and going to jail. 

    Of course Bo and Hope will eventually get back together but the writers have to split them up from time to time to keep the story going.  That said Bo and Hope have not been used well as a couple for a long time.



    What if Stephano or EJ kidnapped Bo and he is in the dungeon having a brain transplant and this is not ‘our’ Bo at all?!  Seriously, I have thought that, as Bo is NOT acting like Bo.  I so agree that Hope brought this on herself.  She moved out and said she had moved on.  Bo literally begged her to come back, and she refused.  So while I want Bo and Hope back together, I can understand where Bo is coming from.  As for Carly, there are no excuses…you just do NOT mess with another person’s spouse!


    Could not agree with you guys more!!!  And, I hate that everyone keeps feeling sorry for her!  It said on Lawrence’s tombstone that he died in October.  So, you’re telling me that in 5-6 months Carly has been able to disrupt half of Salem and worm her way into Bo’s life and his bed?!  Just flat out insanity!!  Even Daniel’s backtracking in his dislike of her.  Seriously.  I don’t understand why anyone is on her side. Honestly.  Can’t understand it at all.


    How much longer will we have to endure Carly Manning.  I am so sick of her.  Here she is now acting like she is so noble to plead quilty to attempted murder.  She is quilty of murder and attempted murder also(she was trying to kill Vivian and nobody is even acknowledging that).

    So now,  Melanie(after being pressured and bugged by everybody that has come to see her) is going to say that Carly is innocent. 

    Vivian may be evil, but Carly is just as bad.  You can tell by looking at her and those evil eyes that she is wicked.  And Bo is so stupid.  I hate it when he draws his mouth tight against his lips when he is upset or mad.  I thought he was going to be off the show for a while.  That would be good riddance to stupidity.  He should be dismissed from the police force for harboring a murderer, even though Vivian said someone else killed Lawrence.  He also should never have been in charge of the investigation of the shooting. 

    My opinion is that Carly should be in jail because she is a murderer, whether it be in Salem or wherever she came from.

    Sorry for the long rant.  As you can tell, I am totally fed up with the whole deal.




    Shadow, that is a perfect description.



    when Hope walked away from Vivian’s ranting and Vivian called her "Miss Holier Than Thou."  I couldn’t help thinking to myself:  "now, how many times has she been called that by fans?"


    Melanie.  Don’t they find it necessary to find out why she had a gun in the first place???!!! Good grief!  And it was Hope’s gun as well.  Come on, writers, get with the program!  She was shooting at someone or something and now they’re just going to let it all go.  GMAB!


    I can’t believe they didn’t even want to know who she was shooting at and why!


     or the fact that her and hope were kidnapped? they are just forgetting that? Hope doesn’t want to press charges? Geez

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