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    After reading about and seeing today’s show I got to thinking.   I’m wondering if Bo is showing interest in Carly to throw off Vivian?  Is he also pushing Hope away to keep her and Ciara safe?  The way Hope was confiding in Vivian about her marriage it makes me think she knows something’s up and it’s an act on Bo’s part.  Maybe in something he said to her or his actions just not being quite right and her detective skills came through and she’s playing along with it.  Yes, I know Bo did the nasty with Carly but it’s not the first time someone on this show has done just that while doing undercover work or trying to protect someone. 


    but I don’t think after Hope’s kissing Justin (even if she did say she’s not ready), that she’s in on anything but wondering where she went wrong with Bo.


     I think Bo is being a horses A$$ !!!! He’s never been so cold hearted towards Hope before , so maybe he is putting on an act to through off Vivian. 


     I don’t think Hope is in on it.  She suspects something which is why she’s snooping on Vivian but I don’t think she knows Bo/Carly isn’t the real deal.  I don’t think Bo had to do the nasty with Carly – no excuse for that except thinking with his appendage instead of his brain!




    I don’t know…  I remember feeling that Hope was really stupid with her constant moving in/out of her house with Ciara.  Maybe Bo just finally got tired of all the back and forth and wants to move on.  I don’t really think that Bo will end up with Carly and I fully expect a Bope reunion, but I have to say that I sort of like Carly and I’m liking that Bo seems to be putting his foot down about wishy washy Hope.  I haven’t yet seen today’s show, so maybe my post is outdated..


    for throwing someone off the trail of something but Bo sleeping with Carly would be a bit too far off track to just derail Vivy. 

    I think Bo is genuinley (sp) trying  to help Carly, but he’s sure not steering Carly to wrap this up (by letting Mel know that she is Carly’s daughter), especially since Carly is jeapardizing his relationship with Hope.  I just have a tough time believing that Bo has thrown Hope under the bus even if his Fancy Face has told him it’s over.  I don’t think a 20+ year romance that those two have had that has weathered all other catastrophes cannot get through this.  

    If I was Bo – I’d be looking for revenge on that ‘faux’ cop (can’t remember his name) that kidnapped Ciarra for ransom in the first place – he started all this stuff.


    Hope was the one acting weird at first..she couldn’t stand it that Bo thought everything was fine between them and she still believes that their daughter would have been fine if they had paid the kidnappers. What an idiot.

    But yesterday she was right on the money about their love: over the years she has only had real love for one man, Bo; but Bo has loved many women. Hope may be his one "true love" but he has been able to replace her a couple of times over the years. That would make any woman insecure.


    is really a BRAIN WASHED version of Bo…and he is REALLY Prince Bobby and Vivian has programmed him to do all kinds of things to get revenge on Salem and Carly…….maybe the real Bo is locked up in a castle somewhere…..and Prince Bobby is the one sleeping with Carly


    Bo never replaced Hope with other women, he thought she was dead.  That does not count.  Once he realized she was back when he actually knew it was his Hope he always returned to her.  As I recall during the whole Zack storyline Hope put up a pretty good show of replacing him with Patrick, now it may not have been true love, but Bo was not dead and she had another man.


    Pleeeasseee, don’t even go there, I beg of you.


    I thought that Bo got involved with Carly when he thought his beloved Hope was dead and he had to go on. I don’t remember how he ended up with Billie the first time around –the "Georgia story in the swamp". BUt I thought that Hope was gone again.

    Then there is Hope–

    1. Larry Welch–was Bo around?

    2. PATRICK–he happened after Zack’s death and she couldn’t stay with Bo because of his lies– cause he picked Chelsea over Hope. So off she went with Patrick. Bo was definitely around. Billie staged a evening with Bo and Hope bought it, took off and threw away her wedding ring and cozied up to Patrick. Then got pregnant with Ciera who turned our to be Bo’s. 

    This reminds me of the present SL with Justin playing Patrick’s part and Carly playing Billie’s.  Both times Hope pulled away first. Of course in both cases Bo was trying to be the hero and protecting the lady in distress.

    Just wish that they could get some counseling–where’s marlena when you need her??


    Larry Welch was before Bo and Hope were ever married.  Don’t know the details but Hope was forced to marry Larry even though her heart was Bo’s.  To put off having sex with Larry, Hope faked a pregnancy and said it was Bo’s.  Larry was keeping close tabs on Hope but Alice and Howie sabataged the wedding by having Howie dress up like the bride while Bo whisked Hope away, that’s when they ended up in New Orleans and had thier own private wedding.

    Carly was at a time when Hope was thought to be dead, same with Billie. When Hope came back and Hope didn’t know who she was she and Billie were friends.  Nobody knew she was the real Hope but Alice knew and gave her a puzzle box to proove it.  It was one that only Hope knew how to open.  Once she realized who she was Bo was conflicted between Hope and Billie but eventually chose Hope.  Kate sabataged their wedding by getting Billie and Bo stranded on the island with the Horton cabin and having Hope find them together. 

    It was years later when Billie came back Bo and Billie were undercover in Europe someplace on the tail of a drug king and posed as lovers.  The drug kingpin forced them to get married and I’m not sure if Hope was there and had to witness it.  The drug king got Billie hooked on drugs again and Bo was there through her detox and they had sex.  That resulted in Chelsea. Bo went back to Hope but Billie went into labor in some run down shack with backwoods people.  They told her the baby had died but Billie didn’t tell anybody and later faked a miscarriage and blamed Hope saying it was stress induced.

    Patrick was clearly Hope leaving Bo and turning her back on him. 



    It still bothers me that history was ignored when it came to Chelsea (Georgia).  If my memory is not too fuzzy, Billie gave birth to a four-month old stillborn fetus.  Billie held that baby in her arms and grieved.  Years later, we were supposed to believe that Stefano whisked away Billie’s live baby and just happened to have a dead baby the same age to substitute, so that Billie could mourn her loss.  Sorry to get off the original subject. 

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