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    Just read on the Salem Spectator that the daddy is Philip. When Stephanie finds out decides to go  back in and change the results but when she gets back to them they have already been changed. 

    Does this sound a bit familiar, LOL? (Petri dishes)

    So Stef tries to find out who did it so she can "help" them protect the secret.


    Who would be the least bit interested in this recycled stuff?


    I read Prevuze for Monday and it appears several people are on cell phones talking about getting something done.

    Phillip gets a call. Melanie asks, "Is it good or bad news?"

    "Both," says Phillip, "The bad news is I have one more thing I have to do. The good news is once I do it my problems are over and I’m all yours.

    Chloe wakes up and finds Daniel gone.

    Daniel strolls by the pier. He takes out his phone and punches a few keys, "I knew it!"

    Phillip is outside talking on his phone, "Is it yes or no? Can you? If you could pull this off it would mean the world to me."

    Sister Anne instructs Carly, "Just click here and you can see the results. She leaves and Carly goes up to the computer.

    Carly clicks, "All right… done!"

    Daniel stares at his phone, "Done."

    Phillip answers his phone, "Thank you. I owe you big time, man."

    Melanie clicks, "OK. It’s done."

    Chloe closes the computer and stares.

    Now the big question, who’s the one who changed the results.


    time for new stories and new writer’s if they can’t do new stories…we’ve all been there done that several times…ho-hum – I’ll catch up on a nap when this plays out…ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….


    The real question is how many times were the results changed?


     Is Phillip’s name on the report everyone is changing?  That seems unlikely. How does anybody know who the daddy is, if it is just coded to match the swab used to determine the daddy.  I don’t recall if they used samples from both daddys.  This is so aggravating.  



    I thought Carly obtained Daniel’s DNA saying it was for a project she was working on so did she also obtain Phillip’s and how does Stephanie know who’s DNA the baby’s was tested with. 


    Well if they had Daniel’s DNA only the results would simply say whether or not that sample was from the father so if it says no, then Philip is the daddy. Of course, maybe Philip supplied the DNA for the test since he knows about the paternity test.  Of course Stephanie has no way of knowing what sample is being used so if it says no  match it might mean Daniel IS the father and she wouldn’t know. They really only need one gent’s sample since they are limited to two choices, at least we hope so.

    Whew.  This is ridiculous.


     He knows Chloe slept with someone else, but doesn’t know it’s Phillip.  And for as weird as those two act when they’re around each other, you would have to have *hit for brains not to have guessed by now.  Wouldn’t it be funny if this test was changed back and forth so many times that when it all comes out, they still won’t know who the daddy is.  But, who’s going go care?  By that time Daniel and Carly will be together anyway, cause Daniel’s going to be in her corner waiting to console her when Bo makes it clear he’s still in love with Hope.  LOL.


    Only one person has a real bullet and the others have blanks so nobody knows which one actually does the killing. 

    Or when a bunch of people admit to a crime so they can’t arrest the one who actually did it.


    that Philip is the potential daddy too.  We also have only Carly, Daniel, Chloe, Philip, maybe Nathan, and now Stephanie who know about the pregnancy and the test.  Nathan, I don’t believe knows but he’s always around so he could have heard it.  There’s no way Daniel would change the test results and ditto for Carly.   Chloe doesn’t seem to have the skills to do it so that leaves Phil or one of his minions to do the task.  I’m betting on Philip!   Philip doesn’t really want a child with Chloe – sex yes- kid no!  He’d lose Melanie so that wouldn’t make him happy. Then, Nathan would benefit by Phil being the father- therefore, he’d leave the results as is UNLESS he thought the DNA was the other guy’s.  Stephanie wants to do it but the results have been changed.  

    Using the clues of logic (a big mistake where Days is concerned, I know): Philip got the change taken care of!


    we can no longer use the phrase, Philip’s ‘minions.’  It brings to mind those little cinnamon eating minions in the Denny’s commercials.  They are much too cute to associate with Philip’s thugs. 

     Can you imagine those little characters scurrying around the hospital’s computers changing records? 


    I’m Chloe doesn’t have enough friends that she could call in a favor like that . Days had Carly alone at the computer to either make us think she’s a suspect or maybe she really is as she’s beginning to really like Chloe and doesn’t want it to be anyone elses because she really doens’t want to tell Daniel.  When the truth comes out and we know it will she can honestly say she knew Chloe was unfaithful BUT she didn’t know it was Phillip AND testing prooved it was Daneil’s baby so she didn’t realy lie about that part to him.  She’s able to keep her word to Chloe.

    I know a little far fetched but I only had a couple of hours sleep.


    I can’t imagine Carly, Daniel or Melanie would change those results.  Melanie would blow the secret sky high if she knew!  The only way I could see Daniel keeping the secret is perhaps to protect Melanie?  But I don’t think he would do that.  Carly as a doctor has to know Daniel is going to figure it out when Daniel looks at blood types and future medical issues with the child.


    LMAO Bonbon!!!   That was hilarious picturing those little Minions running around Salem reaking havoc!!!    hahahaha!!  I guess we’ll just have to call them thugs!   

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