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    Is from tomorrow’s preview where Ciara expresses her dislike of Carly.
    I cannot honestly believe Days would be so stupid as to break this pair up for good. But they better beware of this carrying on too much longer, as many viewers are turned off already.


    I also think Bo telling Carly she’s the only one he can be himself around is a clue.  Once all the secrets are out, Carly will no longer be his sole refuge. 


    was when he told Carly that he ‘couldn’t promise anything’ and that he just didn’t know yet what was going to happen.  If they were really going to keep them together I think the writers might have had Bo suggesting divorce, but it’s obvious he still loves Hope.  Carly is exactly what Bo implied…someone to come home to because Hope is not there.  I don’t know when it will happen, but I have a feeling that something will happen at Melanie and Philip’s wedding that will force Bo to make a decision, but that’s just MHO.


    It seems to be the rule rather than the exception when a couple splits that it’s usually the man that has a harder time adapting to being alone.  Most of the time, the wife has the kids and has to start peddling faster and faster just to keep her head above water.  Maybe that’s where Bo is…he just wants someone "to come home to."

    Don’t you just want to bang their two heads together and knock some sense into them?  At this point, I can’t say that either one is more to blame than the other.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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