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    I’d read on Facebook last week that Sheri Anderson (a television writer and producer widely credited for co-creating some of the most memorable storylines and Supercouples on American daytime television including Luke and Laura, Bo and Hope, John and Marlena, Patch and Kayla, Tony and Anna DiMera and Shane and Kimberly) is writing a series of books on Salem.  The first A Secret in Salem is due out in November. 

    I have a product review site and contacted the publisher about the possibility or reviewing this book and just received an email that I’m being put on the list to receive a copy.  The books are due to come out November 9th but they hope to have copies early next month.   





     Cool!  Is it a novel, or more of a memoir from the show?


    There are 3 scheduled to be released.  Here’s an excerpt from Amazon

    On the winding roads leading to Monaco, a convertible careens off the road and over the cliffs-killing a mother and leaving her distraught daughter Amelia in critical condition. Amelia’s accident reveals that she is not truly her father’s daughter. Against her aristocratic fiance’s wishes, Amelia sets out on a quest to find her biological parents that leads her to Salem. She begins a determined investigation of the denizens of the city and tracks down the possibilities- Patch and Kayla, Bo and Hope, John and Marlena-gobbling up every bit of history she can find. As she uncovers secrets and scandals, she finds herself growing dangerously close to the truth. 

    This is from A Stirring in Salem,  Amazon’s date for this one is February 1, 2011

    The fallout from Richard Gaines financial debacle spreads deeply into the lives of the citizens from Salem. With John and Marlena’s help, Charley believes Richie’s unspeakable wrongs have been rectified. But soon she discovers the scandal has far wider implications taking her on a life-changing journey. A profusion of fireworks fills the sky during a jubilant celebration of Chinese New Year, masking a deadly blood bath in a massive drug war stretching from Hong Kong to the spectacular jungles of South Africa. As wounded are brought into Tomali Clinic in the heart of the Timbavarti, Dr. Kayla Brady and her renegade husband Steve ‘Patch’ Johnson realize that drugs are just the tip of the iceberg. With the help of family and friends in the media and the International Security Alliance from Hong Kong to London they work to uncover the deadly secret that threatens not only the clinic struggling due to financial ruin, but their very lives and their love. New relationships are forged, old loves destroyed, and others emerge from the cataclysmic events stronger than ever.  

    The the third one A Scandal in Salem   Amazon has it down for May 1, 2011

    In the third volume, the emotional roller-coaster of relationships picks up speed when Amelia announces her engagement to her former aristocratic fiancé, inviting her new family to serve as bridesmaids-Belle, Sami, Carrie, and Chelsea. But her fiancé’s collapse and murder during the middle of the ceremony puts everyone at the wedding under suspicion, including Amelia herself. With all of them sequestered under one roof during the investigation, all the hidden truths begin to come out. Secrets are revealed, relationships shattered, new alliances are formed…and Salem will never be the same again.



    for Christmas – I hope this story will be available on it.  Anything that includes my beloved Marlena and John – I’m there!  So wished I’d never deleted their story lines on the video tape or DVR.  I miss them!

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