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    First, it looks like we did get cheated out of the funeral service for Mickey.  Oh well, but the tributes by everyone were great and even tear-producing.  And it was nice how they referred to all the others who were off camera.  At least they made mention of them being there rather than totally ignored.

    It was very hard for me to think of Melissa as Nathan’s mother.  Good lord, when did she get old enough to have a doctor for a son????

    I wonder how many of the more recent viewers here know that Maggie, well Suzanne really, was once a Rockette?  Yup, she was quite a dancer.  And also that she has (and has had for many years) miasthenia gravis?  About the only thing that shows on her are her droopy eyelids.  I believe Sly Stalone has the same thing.

    Seeing the montage of a younger Mickey and Maggie today was great.  Oh, my how they’ve changed.  Although I thought Melissa hasn’t changed a bit.

    Looks like we were thrown another red herring today with Viv announcing that Mia was Carly’s daughter and then Carly telling Bo about her daughter "Melanie" hating her. 

    Doesn’t it seem to others that the dislike Melanie and Mia have for Carly, seems a little unfounded.  It was like they hated her before they even knew her and it’s much stronger than there is any evidence to cause it.   Strange, very, very strange.


    that they didn’t have a funeral for Mickey.  Seems when you are off screen that long, and the plot was written just as a foreword into the next storyline, which I believe will be Maggie’s downward spiral, I really didn’t expect a big funeral, but I agree on the flashbacks and the tributes everyone made.  They were terrific.  Just what in the hell is Vivian going to do when she does find out who Carly’s daughter is…..nothing, I’m betting on it, because it will probably turn out to be Melanie, who will be marrying Phillip, who she still insists is her son, even though she was nothing more than an illegal vessel.  What did she call Mia….a blond-headed moppet….too funny.  Her and Victor do come up with some doozies.


    Thinking the same thing about how can Melissa be mom to Nathan?? Heck, she doesn’t look old enough!
    And yes, another forcing “da plot” by making Mel and Mia despise Carly for next to no reason.
    I remember in the earlier days w/Suzanne Rogers having that illness and her face was quite puffy – not sure from the disease or treatment. She sure looks wonderful now though. So glad to see her in an expanded role.
    Did everyone notice Maggie was wearing red shoes today? Nice touch.



    red shoes. I thought it was a great tie-in to the story of when Mickie gave her the red dancing shoes.   Sweet.


    Ms. Jake

     Im sure what will happen is, Vivian will become a very important "mother figure" to Melanie…and it will kill Carly to see her daughter so close to that woman! And Vivian will LOVE every mimute of it…


    I too think the hatred of Carly is a bit forced. Although I don’t like Carly’s weaseling her way into Bo’s life right now, what did she ever do to Melanie or to Mia–nothing!

    I do know all of those things about Suzanne. I remember when they wrote the myasthenia gravis into her storyline.

    I loved the red shoes story–always one of my favorites.

    Lisa Trussel still looks the same except for hair color. I like it better lighter, but that’s because that’s how I remember her. She is probably close to my age (47) so she could have a child that old. My oldest is only 11, but I have a friend whose oldest is 29 and he has children my kids’s age.

    I am glad we had a few flashbacks, but would have loved to have seen a few from when Julie was a wild teenager–that would have been fun!


    I do not think that in the end Melanie will marry Phillip because she still have some feeling for Nathan so this is where the fun will come in because Viv then will have a good reason to get back at Mel because she has hurt Phil and get a double bonus because she is Carly’s daughter, that is how I see this sl un-folding.


    Maggie’s shoes were great and she sure has fabulous legs too.

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