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…but, it seemed to me from the judge’s comments that she’s going to get off lightly.  But then again, maybe that was just a red herring.  I think the whole thing hinges on whether or not Ari is coming back after her maternity leave.  And it scares me that she may not because she has been by far one of the best actors on this show.  There doesn’t seem to be any scuttlebutt about it which is why I’m so concerned.  (Has anybody heard anything?)  I suppose if she’s not coming back, the judge will throw the book at her.  If she is, she will probably get off with some time in a psychiatric hospital (maternity leave) and then be back.

I would love it if she would come back and get back with EJ.  There is so much potential for those two as a couple.  I DON"T want EJ to go back to Sami and I’d prefer he not ‘hook up’ with Arianna.  He belongs to Nicole!!!

I also thought for a minute that EJ was having some sympathy for her and maybe he really DID have some love for her but then when he jumped up and protested the judge’s comments, alas, I guess not.

Whatever happens, this has certainly been an interesting ride for us viewers and I have to say that it has been one of the more enjoyable and intreguing storylines for me.  I LOVE this show!