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on the weird aspects of jobs (or lack there of) in Salem – every one has a massive income with beautiful clothes and houses but doesn’t no one ever shows up at their jobs (except Arianna at the Pub – and that’s only because Caroline is MIA).  So even a brand spanking new doctor to the hospital can waltz out the door when and where she pleases.  Lexie must be taking care of all the patients.

Maybe the warf is next door to the hospital…so Carly just walked out the front door of the hospital to the warf to see Bo…I’ve come to the conclusion that every landmark in Salem is right around the corner from every landmark in Salem…and you can be 3,000 miles away in Europe in a day and back in the same 24 hours –  (which in real life in this day and age is totally possible, but really, who does that???)   Can you imagine trying to Google Map Salem???  It makes me dizzy!