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I have been thinking this same thing.  Hope is driving me insane.  She pushes him away and then she expects him to just jump when she says jump.  You can tell that Bo is so hurt and she doesn’t see it.  How can you not see the hurt in someone you love.

Then I saw her talking with Sami.  I am sorry, but Hope has NO clue what would happen if she got her way with the kidnapping situation.  She has no clue what those crazies would have done.  So I think she is being stupid blaming Bo for everything.  Plus, Ciara would have been damaged from one day or two weeks.  So to think Ciara would be good and have no issues if Hope got her in a day, she is fooling herself.

I don’t get why Hope has to add salt to the wound all the time.  She is famous for that.  Bo is sad and hurt about Ciara and the kidnapping, so lets take his daughter away from.  That is the smart move.  Maybe Ciara would get over it quicker if Hope wouldn’t have taken her away from her FATHER!!!