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but, since we no longer have Rolf in the picture, I doubt that will be the case.  No, if anything, Anna will mess up at some point, big time, and since her underlying motive for all of this is money, and since I really still don’t believe she is in this alone, I think she’s going to try and put one over on E.J., who I think she’s really working with, and has now decided to attempt to extort more money from him, which will backfire big time.  You don’t mess with E.J. DiMera, Anna, you should know that.  I think the only reason she sent him the message with the cut-out words is so nothing can implicate her without E.J. implicating himself.  No phone calls, no proof whatsoever, no fingerprints…so, she thinks she’s now in the driver’s seat.  We’ll see, but this is just my opinion…no spoiler…speculation only.