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 I posted a long time ago on the old board that I felt it was going to be "Melanie" since they never mentioned her "mother" and she grew up in Europe.   She’s older too – not by much but this is Days. lol  I don’t even remember Nicholas being mentioned by Carly since her or Viviane’s return.  I’m wondering if the writers realized that they have totally messed up with aging him way back so that it wouldn’t make sense now.  If you weren’t watching when he came back on (having been SORASed to an almost 30 year old), he had an affair with Kate.  If he was 30 then, about 20 years ago (given Days’ comments of late), then poor Carly would be almost 70 now! lol   Of course, they could just forget  about it and do what they did with Philip and EJ- forget they should be a teenager (Phil) and I think, younger than Will for EJ. 

I love your idea of Lawrence not being the real one when she killed him.  That would  make a great twist.  It’s amazing how many creative minds are on this board.  Maybe Days’ heads should be looking here for story ideas.