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    coming back, (not a spoiler as it’s all over the place), I wonder if the writer’s will make her character different?  Like making her realize all the things that she’s done over the years and all the trauma she’s wrought over the last year and perhaps having her change for the better?  A lot of what Nicole has done (the bad things), has been intentional and conniving, I thought it was great when they finally locked her up, however, that being said, deep down she does have a good heart. 

    All she wanted(s) is a family and love – I think that she’d even give up EJ’s money if she could just have EJ and Sydney (or a baby of her own).   The circumstances of everyone in Salem hating her for what she’s done is going to be overwhelming to overcome for her, it’s going to be interesting just seeing how the story line develops with this.  The entire population of Salem, from Stefano, Sami, down to Caroline, Chole and Will are going to look at her with murderous looks every where she goes.  Brady is the only one that will give her a second chance – as he always does. 


     if you don’t want to know – quit now!




    You’ve been warned!  She is going to be hardened by her time in prison.  It would make sense that spending time with criminals, she would have to be tough just to survive.  Supposedly she is going to push another prisoner around in her first scenes back.   


    I’m wondering if Stefano will be her ally since she let him bond with Sydney and kept her from Sami for almost about a year



     Oh man, I’d love to see her redeemed. I mean I like when she is tough and strong but I’d love to see her changed and get a good thing going…


    well, maybe Nicole will give EJ his due – like what you all said, she teams up with Stefano and takes no prisoners! (play on words yuck-yuck).  Poor Nicole, she’s already had such a tough life, (just like Kate did), oh my…I hope that she doesn’t turn out like Kate!


    (this post was suppose to go under your post SW – oooops)


    THAT was the redeemed Nicole.  Nicole Walker has always been a player and would  never have been considered to be anything but dishonest, manipulative, money-hungry, and many other descriptive adjectives I could fill a page with.  The Nicole Walker I have always remembered would have sold her soul to get what she wanted, and not given a damn who she had to step on to get it.  She did have a tough childhood, but she did her share of using the men in her life to her own advantage, and sometimes paying the price for it.  That’s why I couldn’t understand this sudden  change in her personality, nor will I ever accept the love shown for her by Brady Black.  I’m sorry, it just didn’t happen that way.  Just another case of writers changing history.  But yes, Nicole will return full of hate and revenge.  I just hope she takes it out on the right people.


    She can do it, too. And she is no dumb blond. Nicole would catch on to what E.J. has been up to, and would have seen what E.J. was up to wanting to spend the night with Sydney and Johnny.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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