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    Karen Inna

    So Dayscafe is posting that a new Kiriakis is arriving to be Will’s new love interest…glad it is not a Dimera


    A new actor has already been cast and signed to a contract, to begin airing this summer.  He is Freddie Smith, formerly of 90210, and it is believed (but not yet confirmed) that he will be Justin and Adrienne’s son, and Will’s new boyfriend.  Although nothing has been confirmed, it is strongly rumored that the young Kiriakis will be gay, and Will’s new mate.

    Freddie Smith Picture





    He’s practically RELATED to the Kiriakis family (vis his father’s bro – Phil)…Well, okay; not really, but still!


    my first reaction was they are related, too- his uncle Bo is Victor’s son. but, lovely salem, they are not related by blood. still, practically related in multiple ways, seems about the same as actually related. (just ’cause we haven’t seen them on screen doesn’t mean the relationship isn’t there. I would have thought they would have seen each other frequently at family to-dos, if this were a real life family- though of course, not all families get together, especially with extended family.)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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