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     This is not the sweet Kayla I remember!  What gives with her blaming Carly for her daughter’s unhappiness?  If her daughter hadn’t broken into Daniel’s apartment, been snooping all the time, whined about losing another guy, etc. things would never have had to come out!  Even if it did, she wouldn’t have been involved.    If Nathan only picked her as a second choice, she’d end up being unhappy anyway!  Tricking a guy the way she did, she deserves what she got!  She knew she was second choice to Melanie so Ms. Kayla had better get her daughter a shrink as she needs one! 


     because her actions now go against everything we’ve ever known and loved about Kayla Brady-Johnson.  But, her mamma bear claws are coming out now.  I agree, Stephanie needs a shrink.  She’s beautiful, has a job (something we don’t see a lot of in Salem), she’s intelligent, and Nathan was beginning to fall in love with her.  The writers told us they were going to turn Stephanie toward the dark side, but they didn’t say she was going to be sucked into a black hole.  Kayla sure has been Caroline Brady’s daughter through all of this.  It’s like a family trait they all have with not allowing their children to make and pay for their own mistakes.  Guess there is something to ‘like mother like daughter, like father like son after all (Caroline/Kayla; E.J./Stefano).  OMG, poor Allie and Johnny …. they’ve inherited the worst thing imaginable …. both sides of the coin).


    and it seems both mom and daughter have undergone a personality transplant. (maybe Dr. Rolf skewered their brains!)
    Kayla is just plain cranky and taking it out on everyone. I don’t find this entertaining.


    It was one of those moments I was left scratching my head. Kayla was unrecognizable. Not only that, she was wanting Carly punished, when in actuality, the person who did some real wrong here was Caroline. Carly and Chloe thought the baby was Daniel’s because Caroline played "God" not the other way around.


    Why is Kayla allowed to be in the room during the hospital "ethics" (not that Salem U Hospital – has ever had any ethics or boundaries), review board?  Why would just because she is a doctor be allowed to sit in?  The hospital administrator would balk at any outsiders, doctor or not, being in the room as Kayla wouldn’t be bound by any contractual obligation to not to blab to more people about what she heard and saw at the hearing.


    Maybe Stefano kidnapped them both and replaced them with the evil ones. He did it with Jennifer…


    I guess she was there as Carly’s accuser?  Where was the rest of the board though?  Only Lexie was there.

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