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    There are some storylines that are interesting, like who will figure out that EJ and Anna were in on it together, and some not so hot for instance,  at the present time I think Bo has been taken over by a pod person.

    But what really seems to be wrong, for me, is that each storyline is its own self-contained unit. There is no interaction between any of the characters anymore.  For instance, Bo should have been more involved in the Sydney kidnapping since he is Sami’s uncle, Roman’s brother. AND I really miss Stefano’s involvement in things, I would have thought he would have ignored EJ and been investigating on his own, but no.  It seems like a series of vignettes that have no connection. Family used to be the core of Days storylines and there doesn’t seem to be that connection anymore except for an occasional reference to someone being related to someone else. And no story ever seems to really be the "front burner", just one more thing to toss in every day.  I don’t know, maybe I am just in the mood to gripe today but I have been trying to figure out why I don’t feel compelled to watch every day.


    Just a rant I guess.  LOL.  Have a good day everyone.


    It is all separate.  I was so happy that Brady decided to have Ari call Melanie to tell her about the wedding referencing the fact that she once played matchmaker.  It’s so rare that there is any interaction between the characters that are not directly involved in one another’s storyline.


    I miss the days of everyone bumping into each other at restaurants, and big family gatherings where everyone was together.   They all didn’t necessarily have lines, but they were present.  I miss that!


    Now the only time we see a big group together is when someone is in the hospital!


    knew how to write; the newer ones do not and don’t care who likes it.  They change or invent history at the drop of a pen.  Any avid soap fan knows that a good soap opera should be character driven; not plot driven.  They continually have Victor and Stefano profess to care so deeply for their families, but you’d never know it by the crappy scenes and dialog these writers give to them on a daily basis.  They should be involved in so many story lines right now, but, alas, some dumb bunnies flunked their writing 101 class.


    about the isolated stories. That’s what was so memorable about the old days. Stories and characters were interconnected. There were also more functions to bring them togoether. I miss the annual big event story.


    was the kidnapping for 2009 and they (writers) just haven’t got around to the big 2010 story…yet.  Let’s hope so.  And yes, you are so correct, there is no connection between charaters and the story lines anymore. 

    Bo, Carley, Viv and Victor on the let’s get Carly SL.  Nathan, Stephanie, Mel (and not even so much Phillip these days because he’s only involved for about five minutes a week) are stuck in the who loves me story line.   EJ, Sami, Rafe, / Sami, Rafe, EJ – ho-hum and yawwwwwn SL.  Dan/Chole SL has teetered off the edge…and lays broken on the floor. 

    I’m bored with it all.  The BIG 2010 story line better start happening soon!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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