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    I thought a sarcophogus was something you put the coffin in.  From the looks of the one Vivian has, it is just a glorified coffin where the body goes directly in it.  It was all lined like a coffin. 

    Oops, I guess not, I looked it up and it said, a stone coffin.  Funny, when you see them in movies and they take the lid off, there is usually another coffin inside.  Gee, for once the writers got it right!  But the worst part, I was wrong!!!


    ancient Egypt where the pharoahs/kings are buried.


    I thought a sarcophogus was a coffin that wasn’t buried.  Much like the mummies and ancient Egyptians that were buried above ground in the pyramids.

    What’s shocking is in reading about them the the term is Greek and it’s from the stone they were made from that was thought to eat the flesh and bones, leaving only the teeth within a few weeks.   With Victor being Greek I’m surprised he went along with this one. 

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