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    I watched the whole show today for the first time in a long, long time and now I know why I will really miss Prevuze.  What was the point of the eye-witness to Ari’s hit and run?  "Oh, I felt so sorry for the poor girl, – oh yes, her purse flew and oh yes, now I remember there was a a shiny object flying threw the air…"  It was lame, lame, lame.  I really dislike EJ just butting in where he really doesn’t belong.  And Melanie and Chloe got on my last nerve – Mel – I’m gonna tell, I’m gonna tell and Chloe holding her baby pillow  the whole time.  I’ll be so glad when Mel finds out it was Philip, but for now I’ll just go back to reading the Salem Spectator or wherever I can get an update.  Today’s show in real time was enough to last me awhile.


    penny (in for a pound) and have to watch…LOL – What if Chloe birthed a pillow?!!??? 


    I guess it was so they thought the evidence was out there. But it is not, since Nicole found it. But I don’t get how Arihad time to  put it in the Safety deposit box when she was going to meet EJ.

    When the witness said that he thought she was running away from someone– I almost felt that Will had got to Ari and when she saw EJ, she decided to run away and not talk to him.

    But the best part was allowing Ej to be in on the questioning. I don’t care what the man thought, Roman should have insisted that EJ leave.


    It was in her room at the pub.  Brady put all her stuff in that box and said he’d sort it all out when they got back.  Justin told Brady the key to her safe deposit box was in the wooden box her gave her.  He hasn’t been to the bank yet.


    And I am really totally tired of the back and forth rants of Melanie. She almost sounds like a black mailer. If I were Chloe, I wouldn’t have gone to the cabin. I would have gotten Daniel back to the apartment, told everything and let the chips fall where they may. She must be sick of being at the mercy of this screaming little girl who wants to be number one with daddy Daniel. Chloe has lied, but no more than the old Melanie used to do, and everyone gave her breaks.


    Between the idiot witness–who certainly didn’t need to personally tell Rafe what he saw, much less EJ–Melanie who’s driving me nuts, and that whacko, Vivian throwing Maggie in the sarcophagus, I found the whole show to be a wasted episode. I’m still trying to figure out how the sarcophagus wasn’t grotesque after all that time. Vivian said she was being fed gruel, just how did she get rid of her waste? Did she have a catheter or a colostomy bag? My first thought out wouldn’t be to throw Maggie in, it would have been to get a shower and change.

    Melanie’s voice is getting that high-pitched scream tone again–YUCK! I just want to hit her with a shoe! And have I said how much I despise EJ! Can we please put him in a coma again?


    when he gave his statement???  The Salem PD doesn’t know (not that they ever have a clue about anything), who did the hit and run, for all they know it could have been Sami or Rafe who killed Ari.  Beyond reasonable thinking for the PD to allow this.

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