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    I guess all the characters they brought back for Alice’s funeral are gone now.  Did Kayla ever find out about Stephanie’s Plan B debacle?  The last thing I remember she asked Adrianne about it and got totally blown off.


    And I think they sort of broached the subject (Steph and Kayla) but I think they got interrupted or something.  I guess it was that forgettable.



    They certainly didn’t give Steve and Kayla the chance to say goodbye when they were fired from the show.




    however, Mary Beth Evans will be making another return trip to Salem in September.  The length of her stay has yet to be determined, and the substance of her return, story line wise, has not been revealed yet.  Hopefully, it’s to pick up Stephanie and take her back with her to wherever it is she will be living once Nathan and Melanie reconnect.  Last line is NOT a spoiler, just my wishful thinking.



    Please take Stephanie away – and while you are at it, Chloe can visit and cry with you as Daniel will probably leave her too…but they’ll most likely keep Chloe and hook her back up with Phillip…so if Stephanie goes at least we’ll get one wish…


    It seems as though no matter how shabbily these people are treated when they are let go, they are always ready to come back.  I was flabberghasted when Vivian returned after the reported tirade that took place when she left.  I guess they must become all lovey-dovey after all is said and done.


    difficult to come by at Louise’s age (and I’m not saying anything derogatory about her age here) but she is 70 (and a terrific looking woman and good actress).  However, in Hollyweird "you are past your prime at 25" (paraphrasing quotes by Meryl Streep and Diane Keaton) and if you want to act you have to take the work where you can get it. 

    If the rest of the USA is 12% to 14% unemployment – think about all those actors out of work from their craft…I guess they just have to swallow their pride and take it, otherwise, their part could be recast with another actor. 

    Look how many times in "Days" we’ve had actors recast – did the original actor have a slow story line and go look for other work, and then not be called back or did they leave because they thought they would be a "star" and they didn’t have to be a "soap opera" actor all their lives…I have often wondered why some go on to be famous and others are on for 30 years – they are equally good.  ??? 


    I just had a horrible thought.  Maybe when Chloe/Daniel and Melanie/Phillip and we all know Melanie and Nathan will get together. Stephanie and Phillip will hook back up and Kayla will be returning for Stephanie and Phillip’s wedding. 


    Please…I’m going to have nightmares!  Phillip is not that insane…is he? 


     more options than the women of that age do.  How many times do you see a guy who is a lot older than the actress cast as his ‘love interest’?  I also think @Louise’s age, she may pick and choose the roles she thinks are going to be interesting.  

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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