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    Exactly!  I don’t give a rip about the Hollyweird actors and their affairs – it’s not real life – (well, not yet anyway) – all I want to know about actors is if they can hold my attention with their acting for an hour or two. 

    So true – we watch for escapism and to get away from our daily grind.  I think in our show(s) we’d still like the fairytale we all grew up with, "the happily ever after".  We’re smart people. Most of us, in our own lives have a version of the prince, but we know the prince isn’t going to come riding in a on a white horse to our rescue, (nowdays we can rescue ourselves) BUT we do like the intrigue, romance, adventure and love that signifies the prince.  At least I do. 

    Bring back the fairytale.  The fairytale was positive and uplifting, instead of seeing all the sadness and detrimental story lines that permeate the movies and t.v. shows, perhaps society would get better or at least feel better with the positive.   


     as the transgender hermaphrodite cr*p with Vincent doing it with his own father etc.  That story made me FF and almost stop watching.  If I had known JER was never going to put Sheridan and Luis together, I would have quit watching long before the end!  


    you’re talking about Passions and I’m talking about DOOL.  Either way, JER, may God rest his soul, could be a sick puppy with his writings at times.  I remember that storyline on Passions, and you are absolutely correct — that was the worst imaginable!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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