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    I read the other day (in regards to social networking, Facebook, Twitter, blogging, etc.) that people who get a response to their posts actually get an "injection" of endorphins when they see their response.  How interesting is that?  Probably explains a lot about what we do here, I’m sure I’m one affected as such.  I guess many of our posts here are done in the hopes of getting a comment back from someone else which in turn will make us feel good.   Makes sense to me.



    I can see that.  It sort of makes you feel important that someone actually read what you wrote.  Same way on FB when somone likes a comment or link you posted.

    I have a few blogs and one is product reviews.  Don has done a few of the tech reviews for me and I’d usually take notes on what he’d tell me then write it up.  Around Christmas I got several things for him to review and he decided it would be easier if he wrote them up and I edited.  I just had to add photos and a little punctuation here and there.  He got so excited when someone commented on what he wrote.  I don’t have the heart to tell him I asked for comments to his review on a blogging forum I go to.  What really made him go crazy was when I had over 800 visits/views of one of his reviews in about 2 hours and found out SteelSeries (the company I got the product from) put a link to it on their Facebook page.  A few weeks later they linked to it on their website.  


    They tape in the studio but never get a real audience reaction to their work unless they 1. get fan mail, 2. go on websites to see what the audience says, or 3. go to fan events.   

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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