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    Since it looks like poor Rafe is going to be left out in the cold in the love department, I pronounce you all  Head Writer and ask you to bring in a new character for him.  Please give her a name and background.  Here’s my contribution.

    Name:  Veronica Spencer, but "Ronnie" for short.  Rafe and Ronnie…doesn’t that have a ring to it?  Rafie?

    Background:  She is in her mid 30s and has worked in marketing for Titan in London (yes, she’s British) for many years and is a successful and powerful executive but very ambitious and just a tad on the shady side.  She’s been transferred to Salem after a scandal involving pay-offs for circumventing customs for Titan’s ships.  (She claims her innocence but we don’t know if she’s guilty or not.)  To avoid a messy investigation, bad publicity, and hefty fines, Victor has made a deal with TPTB in London and allowed her to "start fresh" in Salem with the warning that she’d better walk the straight and narrow.  But Ronnie is far too ambitious to let something like that hinder her future.  She’s willing to advance her career at almost any cost and damn the danger.

    She meets up with Rafe when the FBI gets a tip that a dead man will be found in one of Titan’s ship’s containers when it docks in Salem.  It turns out to be a custom’s agent (mading it a Federal crime) and, because of the past allegations against her, all the evidence points to Ronnie, but Rafe has a gut feeling  she’s being framed.  Somebody wants her out of Titan for good, and very badly.  The "real" writers can take it from there.



    Bring back Billie. She’s always had bad luck with men, maybe she and Rafe could hit it off. Isn’t she working for Titan in London now?


    I would like to see some new characters, also.  It is just too confusing to remember how they are all connected or related to someone else.


    the heck with turning over your start of a new woman for Rafe story over to the writer’s – you just take over the writing from now on – your story was the most pausible and interesting that I’ve heard from "Day’s" in a very long time!  If you just post here every day – I could quit watching the show and not have quite so much of an upset stomach while watching the drivel that the writer’s now give us.  Great job!  Just what Rafe needs, a strong woman who knows what she wants, instead of nambi-pambie wishy-washy Sami. 


    It’s easy to set the scenerio but it’s the hard part making everything else fit.  But thanks for the compliment.  Here, I’ll share my Carafate with you.  :o)


    she have a bad accident and that’s why Chelsea went to live with her to help take care of her?


    In Salem time you can be shot and nearly die and be released from the hospital the next day.  I’m sure Billie is better than ever now!  it would be interesting to bring her back, though and confuse Bo a little more.  They could make that a good storyline between her and Kate, living in the DiMera mansion.  There could be a lot of possibilities! Oops, meant to reply to below comment, sorry!

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