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    There’s a lot of things about Carly that bother me.  I don’t buy her story about Lawrence and why she killed him.  She looked so mean and she showed no emotion other than hate when she stabbed him.  After what she admitted to Bo about loving him, I think all this time  she had been obsessing about him(why would she be carrying a copy of their vows in her purse)all these years.  She decided to go to Bo’s house and break in(I still can’t get over her being so bold)and worm her way back in to Bo’s life. And since Bo doesn’t seem to have any guts he lets her in and makes herself right at home and in his bed.  Here she is a murderer on the run and Bo is protecting her and hiding her.  Some police commissioner(is that his title) he is.  This business of trying to find her daughter and wanting to move in to Maggie’s house if stupid.  Now she is hired back at the hospital and evidently nobody(the board) asked any questions about where she had been all these years or why she was back in Salem.

    I really don’t like this dumb storyline.  I know it was done to keep Bo and Hope from being together, but I just don’t like Carly, I think she is conniving and up to no good. 

    Sorry for the long post.


    Don’t be sorry….we’re ALL thinking the same thing!  And I rooted for Carley many, many, years ago.



    I don’t like Carly and her excuses at all.  We know that she stabbed her husband and ran straight to Bo and Hope’s house without a single thought about their supposed safety.  If Bo can’t see through that little stunt with the Wedding Scroll, he is totallly oblivious to her manipulations.  Conniving?  Absolutely.



    Lawrence or Vivian’s sticking her in the coffin story.   I liked Vivian when she was with Ivan as she was funny without being evil and nasty.   I have wondered if the only reason she was brought back to the show was because her previous show Guiding Light was cancelled and Days hoped to gain viewers with her on their show.   Just my humble opinion.


    Bo should throw her right out on her a$$.  The wedding scroll was the final straw.  Who carries that around in their purse?  She keeps turning up at the house to talk to Bo, enough already.  While I admit Hope has been acting crazy toward Bo lately, this is over the top behavior on Carly’s part and Bo needs to see that and get her out of the picture.


    sick of the Carly character! She’s annoying.


    If that scroll had been in her purse all these years, it would be rather dog-eared

    I was a Bo/Carly fan (Peter’s Bo, didn’t like RKK at all) back in the day – but back then, Hope was "dead" (as far as we knew). 

    Right now I don’t want to see Bo with anybody.  Hope’s being a colossal jerk and Carly is so obviously being manipulative and Bo’s being dumb as a post.

    Everybody needs a reality check.



    and that’s that Lawrence is dead.

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