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    Wondering how many of you are going to watch the Royal Wedding?   I think I probably will, I’m actually excited to watch it.  there’s also a special on NBC on wednesday about it.  I just wonder what channel they are going to air the wedding on.  


    It is of no importance to me. I just wish it was over already!


    enough of all the pre-wedding hype. 


    In fact, I’m going to start recording it at 4:00 a.m. so I can start watching as soon as I get up.  I love all the pomp and circumstance and, like Diana’s wedding, it’s like a fairy tale with the prince marrying the commoner. 

    I think Kate is going to make an excellent mate for Wills and she has an enormous advantage over Diana in that she has had some experience in being a "royal" beforehand, whereas Diana was virtually thrown into the pool without any coaching or anything.

    Nora, it’s going to be on all the network channels, ABC, CBS, and NBC beginning at 4:00 and going until 10:00.  I’ll be watching ABC because I like Diane Sawyer the best of the others.


    I really haven’t followed this too much.  In what way has Kate had experience being a "royal"?   I thought she was a commoner.  Princess Di was in a round about, confusing way related to the royal family.  Don’t remember the details of that family tree and all it’s branches and twigs but I do remember heaing that early on when they announced their engagement.


    off and on for five or six years now so she has been put into the "royal" spotlight.  She has accompanied William to many of his royal duties.  Also, she doesn’t seem to be as painfully shy as Diana was, she’s much older (Diana was only 19) and has been exposed to the kind of life she will be living being married to the next king of England.

    I wonder what title she will be given until she becomes queen.  Will they give her Princess of Wales now that Diana is dead?  Or do they have a list of available titles somewhere just waiting for someone to come along and claim them.  Same with Harry’s bride.  What will she be called?  I have to know all this stuff because it comes up a lot in Jeopardy.  :o)


    on some of it. Interested to see her dress. I like it because it’s so history-laden; I think about all the British monarchs of the past. We don’t have it in America so I find it interesting.
    But to a point. All the hoopla on our media over the past two months has been way overdone.


    Title upon marriage

    Unlike the majority of royal brides, and in contrast to every previous queen-in-waiting for over 350 years, Middleton does not come from a royal or aristocratic background and therefore has no title of her own.

    Middleton’s title upon marriage will depend upon the additional title, if any, which is bestowed upon William. It is customary for royal men to receive a dukedom when they marry. It has been suggested that possible dukedoms for William after his marriage are Clarence, Cambridge, Sussex, Connaught, Kendal, Avondale, and Strathearn .[ By convention, the wife of a son or grandson of the Sovereign is entitled to the style title or attribute of "Royal Highness". Therefore as the wife of a royal duke and prince, Middleton would assume the title of duchess and be known as "Her Royal Highness The Duchess of X".

    However, it has been suggested that William may prefer not to accept a dukedom. If William does not receive a further title, then Middleton would, by convention, take her husband’s first name (as with Princess Michael of Kent) and be known as "Her Royal Highness Princess William of Wales.

    The BBC’s Nicholas Witchell has also raised the possibility that the Queen could follow the precedent which she set in February 1957, when she accorded her husband Prince Philip "the style and title of a Prince of the United Kingdom" in his own right. This suggests that the Queen could, if she chose to do so, make Middleton a "Princess of the United Kingdom", in which case she would be known as "Her Royal Highness Princess Catherine".




    They do have a complicated system for titles in Great Britain.  Charles is the Prince of Wales;  Diana was the Princess of Wales; Camilla is the Dutchess of Cornwall;  William is now the Duke of Cambridge; Kate is the Dutchess of Cambridge.


    I’ve been somewhat fascinated with Great Britain’s royal family ever since I watched Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation on TV in 1953 when I was ten years old.  The Queen is now 85 years old–Prince Charles is 62.  The Queen Mother lived to be 101.  Will Prince Charles ever become King, or will that title go directly to Prince William?  This is the stuff of which soap operas are made.


     then William becomes his father’s heir to the throne as King.  I don’t know where in line that leaves poor Harry.  LOL


    Wouldn’t Harry be in the same place that Prince Andrew was before William was born.  Next in line if something happens to Charles and William providing William has no heirs at that time.

    There was talk years ago that the Queen might pass the throne to William and bypass Charles.  Don’t know if that’s still being considered but I don’t think she’d be willing to step down any time soon.  

    The titles are interesting but also confusing.  Diana was Princess but Camilia became a Dutchess even thought Charles is a Prince.  William was a Prince but now that he’s married he takes a title of Duke and Kate is Dutchess yet he’s still in line to the throne. If Charles becomes King will Camilia be Queen or not.  If Charles becomes King will William revert back to Princess and  will Kate be Princess and if William becomes King will Kate then be Queen. 

    I know I’d read that Elizabeth broke tradition when she married and made her husband Prince. 

    That’s something I never understood.  A King marries and his wife is Queen but a Queen marries and her husband dosn’t become King.  I guess that’s because King is considered above a Queen and they can’t have someone not of royal blood as head of the kingdom.  Just awfully confusing.


     which only goes to prove that a monarchy is a ‘ROYRL’ pain in the ass. LOL.

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