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    I am so hoping that the writers actually have a plan for Thanksgiving. They let summer get by with little fanfare and of course fall was just ignored.  I liked when they had 4th of July picnics…swimming scenes, and Halloween.  It bugged me this year when the only "celebration" of summer was the carnival in the park when Ciara was kidnapped…LAME!  I am going to be really disappointed if they don’t do Thanksgiving dinners in Salem…..and I am hoping for a Salem blizzard to snowbound some couples together…Writers, are you listening?




    I think the most we can hope for is the Holiday Horton tree trimming, which will probably be done this year with Maggie and unseen Mickey, she’ll probably invite Mia and Melanie to it too.


       I think you’re right….probably just the Horton tree trimming.  But there are soooooo  many opportunities with the season change. Remember when Shawn  built the snowman for Belle and put I Love You on it?  And when Hope used to ice skate…and I think Chloe and Phillip once skated too.  And there are always opportunities for snowball fights and sledding…some fun and potentially romantic situations; if only the writers will use them.  It would be a change…and a nice one at that!


    I’m sure we won’t be seeing Frances Reid at Christmas time and what is a Horton Christmas without the matriarch?

    But, yes, it would be very appropriate for Maggie to have it.  Heck, it isn’t Christmas without the "hanging of the balls." 


    I remember when Days used to celebrate practically every holiday. And I miss the big showy events too, like masquerade balls.


    Very disappointed that the Holidays are being ignored. At least last year, with Sami in Witness Protection, both Halloween & Thanksgiving were celebrated.

    Oh, we will get Christmas, definitely…..but I think that is going to be it. Perhaps with the way 1 day lasts 2 weeks in Salem, and then suddenly 3 weeks have passed..TPTB figure it is better to cope.

    But I am guessing it is once again, budget, budget, budget. Heck, they cannot even do a wedding or Christening properly, as it would mean too many characters being present.


     Is it me or did the main holidays stop being celebrated when the network(s) began to schedule ‘specials’ on the holidays?  I noticed that Y&R did rerun shows from years ago on the holiday.  Days wasn’t on at all- rerun or otherwise. It just seems that I remember the holiday specials being on on the holiday -then came the football.  I’m obviously not a sports’ fan but it seems like even the cable company promotes the sports more than they do anything else.  

    I am also wondering if with Alice not being on as she used to, they are making "Maggie" the new Alice?  She’s already got Alice’s bordering house.  


    Not a turkey in sight in Salem!!!


    Somehow Maggie attempting to teach Mia how to bake pumpkin pies for the ‘shelter’ Thanksgiving dinner just didn’t do it for me either, especially when every other soap that I watch (Y&R; GH; OLTL) ALL had beautiful Thanksgiving dinner scenes.  Shame, shame, shame on you, DOOL.  You were the only soap who did not portray this blessed holiday.  Nothing to ‘thank you’ for there.  Let’s hope we do better for Christmas.


    Yeah, I was disappointed in the lack of ‘thankfulness’ on Days.  We all have such a lot to be thankful for all the time, and you would think the writers could have mentioned Thanksgiving in some way even if there were no big dinners.    Goody


    I too miss the holiday episodes. But they bipassed Thanksgiving and in the pub today there was a christmas tree right?? I miss it when they would get together for these events. 22 years I have been watching and this is CRAZY!!!


    With the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Christmas decorations aren’t put up at all!  Well, maybe they will throw some things on the set the week of Dec 20.  I am not getting my hopes up for a Merry Christmas in Salem.  But I can wish for the sentimental holidays of the past.  I would be satisfied with a Salem Blizzard….anything to acknowledge that winter is here!


    While I hate to bring this up (because where I come from we say Merry Christmas! not happy holidays)… I

    believe we fans are going to be seeing a lot less holiday cheer because it’s just not PC in these Days (pun

    intended) in the main stream media unless they celebrate all the different holidays – and with the budget and

    cutbacks – I just don’t think the network will put out the dollars for all of the various holidays so it is more

    advantegeous for them to skip Christmas (and other holidays) all together – if they do mention it at all; it will be

    just in passing, just like Thanksgiving and the 4th is.  It’s really too bad that it’s this way now-a-Days; because we

    could all use a bit of joy and holiday cheer!  Merry Christmas to all and to all a goodnight!


    I don’t think TV shows have to mention all holidays.  Plenty don’t.  I really don’t see Days not addressing Christmas at all.  I think we will have the normal ornament and Christmas story.  While we only had a slight mention of Thanksgiving, I think they will pay more attention to Christmas.

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