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    I’m not an overly sentimental type but was very moved by the gravesite scene. It was also the first time in forever I saw the old connection between Bo and Hope when they looked at each other.
    The sadness must have been very realistic for those cast members who worked for years w/Frances Reid, especially Doug&Julie who were very close to her and even spent vacations together. Even little Ciarra did a fine job.


    I was totally moved too, seeing the heart and soul of the writers. You could see the people in the background wiping their eyes, and that was not just glycerine or whatever they use to induce tears. Some of the speeches as well might have been a bit ad-libbed as well. She was like a mother to many cast members and it was truly like losing a member of the family.

    For all we hate about this show, moments like these make us realize why we love this show and keep coming back to watch it. I really had a 5 hankie episode watching it, and I am not ashamed to admit that as a guy, I really felt the waterworks flowing big time. Frances Reid was a class act all the way, and watching all those old scenes was like a magical elixir, a fountain of youth, where she will always be just the way she was in our hearts.

    From that first day to season 45, we hope this hourglass will never run out…




    You mentioned what a great job Ciera did.  Did you notice at the end of Hope’s speach they did a close up of Ciera and she had a tear running down her face.  It was priceless and so touching. 


    I have not cried like this since my Mom passed away 6 years ago.

    I loved the flashbacks and would enjoy watching DAYS all over again friom Season 1.


    I thought was wonderfully done, as it showed Alice (and Frances) age and even showed her looking pretty frail in some of the last scenes she did.  I was tearing up throughout, but that was what really brought me to tears – well done. 


    The flashbacks were really great too. I liked that some of them got to say a little something.

    Carol J

    Johnnyboy, you expressed my feelings and, I suspect, many others’ feelings so eloquently. I have been watching on and off since the fall of 1966 through good and bad writing. This was well writen and well done. I won’t say well acted because I don’t think they were acting. Everything seemed like it came from the heart.


    Everyone there with a couple of exceptions (Stephanie, Nathan, the new Bill and the little ones) have worked with Frances and have a history with the Alice character so emotions had to be real.  I’m sure it felt like they were saying good-bye to Frances all over again as well as to an era. 

    I’m now wondering with the Horton Matriarch officially gone will that be then end of the Hortons as the main family in Salem and will the Brady’s take over even though they’re spread so far apart or will it be the DiMera’s since they keep growing and adding new family members every other day.  I mean, Stefano has seemed to adopt "Young William" as one of his own now.



     they want to use them: Hope, Julie, Maggie (through marriage), Cierra, Nathan, Will, Ali, etc.  I think you could say we have 3 core families: Hortons, Bradys, and DiMeras – almost everyone on the show is related to one of those of involved with one of them.  If you added the Kiriakis family, they’d all be somehow related.


    I’ve thought for a very long time now that the Brady family had taken over that spot. There have been fewer and fewer core Hortons for a very long time and more and more Brady members. This seems to have started when MacDonald Carey died and various cast members went on to other things. TPTB seem to bring back more and more of the Brady family or mention them more than the Hortons. JMHO.


     Almost all of the next generation of Hortons ARE Bradys.  Allie, Will, and Ciera are half Brady/Horton.  Nathan is the only one who isn’t a Brady as well.  Essentially, the two core families have merged.


     I too was so completely moved by the gravesite memorial to Alice.  I couldn’t stop crying.  It started out as a lump in my throat and then the tears just came.   And as others have mentioned, you could totally tell that the cast was genuinely crying and moved.   I especially noticed that Melissa was really crying the entire time.  You could tell how genuinely moved she was.  And Lucas looking around the parlor one last time was a really great touch–very powerful.  And the way they led up to all this in the last couple of weeks with all the flashbacks and old characters coming back was extremely well done. 

    I could have done without the Kimberly and Shane angy scene at the end.  It seemed out of place after all the love and emotion.  They should have just ended the episode before that.  But that is just a small thing.

    Overall, an outstanding tribute and very beautifullly done.

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