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    Carol J

    Oil Spill Cleanup-Workers Wanted


    Pass onto anyone you may know that needs work, especially college students.





     Shamrock Environmental Corporation (Shamrock) has been contracted to provide support personnel to assist with the oil spill clean-up throughout the Gulf Coast . Areas where work may be performed are Louisiana , Mississippi , Alabama and Florida .

    All workers will require OSHA 40 hour Hazardous Waste Operator Training (WE WILL PROVIDE) Successful completion of a physical and drug screen also required. Each applicant must be 18 years of age or older. The hours will vary but expect LOTS of overtime.


     RATE OF PAY: $13.00/hour straight time

     $19.50/hour overtime (after 40 hours/week)


     PER DIEM: $26.00/day for meals


     LODGING: Provided


     Work may include, but is not limited to, manual labor associated with removing crude oil from impacted beaches, rocks, boom, or any other items that have come in contact with the oil Technicians may be required to operate pressure washers, mops, rakes, shovels or a variety of other hand tools or small pieces of equipment while wearing proper protective gear Work Environment may include working on or near water, in marshland, beach and estuary locations in hot and humid conditions day or night


    Work is available IMMEDIATELY for safety conscious workers Transportation to the Gulf Coast will be provided The HR Group has been contracted to conduct this recruitment.


     *Applications MUST be completed at

    Download & complete an Employment application http://www.shamrockenviro.com/docs/ShamrockEmpApp.pdf

    and mail to

    Shamrock Environmental Corp., 6106 Corporate Park Drive, Browns Summit, NC 27214 Send resume to recruiter@shamrockenviro.com




    It’s a job contracted by our taxpaying dollars – I’m glad for once to see my tax dollars going for a good cause!


    Going to Shamrockenviro’s website has the following message.

    Due to an overwhelming response and changes in our customers’ needs, we are no longer accepting applications or phone calls for the Gulf Coast Environmental Clean-Up Technicians.


    Hopefully they’ve got enough to do the job. 



    I think I posted about this before.  I looked into volunteering to help clean up.  But here’s the catch.  NO VOLUNTEERS!  You have to become an employee and take the OSHA hazmat course mentioned above to the tune of $300!!! 

    I don’t want a full-time job but I DO want to help clean up animals or beaches or whatever I can do during the time I have available…but not under these constraints.  There are thousands of people willing to volunteer but they are not being used/accepted.  What’s wrong with this picture?


    "government" is not allowing American’s to roll up their sleeves and pitch in…like we always have for over two centuries…

    Can you imagine George Washington turning down volunteers to serve at the Revolutionary War?  We’d still be under the Brit’s rule!  And in WWII??? Without all the civilian volunteers (mostly women and children because our men were overseas taking care of the enemy) to collect old tires, roll bandages and patrol the shore lines? We’d all be "Sprechen sie Deutsch"! Or if on that black day in September on the 11th the thousands of volunteers that stopped their busy lives to help out at the horrible bombing sites had been turned away at the beginning of WWIII?  

    What d’he- – is wrong with our government these days?  It is certainly not the American spirit of it’s citizens – I applaud you Bonbon for helping!  I hope you are writing to your Congress people (fat lot of good it does these days) and letting them know of this.  Thank you for being a great American!



    who know everything <tongue in cheek> he says it is probably because of all the medical claims they got from volunteers after the Valdez oil spill in Alaska.  So this way, everybody will have had the hazmat training and, because they are actual employees, will be covered by worker’s comp and therefore cannot make any claims against the company for what may arise in the future.

    I can understand that reasoning but haven’t they ever heard of a waiver?  I’d certainly be willing to sign one that I will not bring any claim of any sort that may result from my volunteering.  It just seems to be such a waste of manpower.  And with all these poor people (fishermen, etc.) losing their livelyhood too.  Pity.

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