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    I think is totally a scum bag…..she is a liar and a cheat.  She does not deserve Nathan or any guy for that matter.  I am surprised that he doesn’t see thorough her.  And Adrienne is no better, encouraging her to go ahead.  If my neice told me what Staphanie told Adrienne, I certainly would not be advising her to go ahead and get what she wants. What a couple of losers.

    Carly needs to be thrown to the curb.  She needs to get her own life and stop interferring in other people’s lives.  I detested her the first time around on Days and even more so now.  She looks like a witch prowling around just waiting to pounce on people.

    I am glad that she will not end up with Bo in the end…hopefully she will leave and this time for good.













    Stephanie and Carly disgust me to no end.  I just want to scream everytime they are on my TV. 


     Stephanie has no purpose.  Without interfering in Chloe/Daniel’s life and Bope’s, Carly has no purpose.  


    If every character was portrayed to coincide with our morals and beliefs, everybody would be perfect.  And what interest would a show where everybody is perfect have?  None!  So be glad we have these people on Days or we wouldn’t have any Days to watch.  Make sense?


    Yes, Bonbon it does make sense. At least these characters are firing up people. The villains you can hate!!

    WHat purpose does Vivian serve?

    For that matter, why is almost everyone so taken with EJ? He is certainly just as evil and coniving as Steph and Carly. Even though he doesn’t poke into others business, he certainly plots and lies very well.

    As for me I am tired of Ari and her always complaining aoubt Nicole. If she wants Brady, she needs to fight. I sometimes wonder if her relationship with EJ is going to go forward.

    Sorry just random thoughts



    But yeah, she seems rather pointless at the moment.

    Using Chloe to off Carly – as if Vic wouldn’t see right through that? 

    Viv was pretty cold yesterday to Chloe – typically she’d prime Chloe to try again.  Looks like she dropped Chloe like a hot potato this time.

    I don’t understand the EJ-mania.  Never have.  I guess he’s just not my type.  I don’t see any chemistry between him and Sami, never have.  I guess we can’t all agree on everything, all the time…



    I mean this woman planks herself into the middle of every relationship like she’s the morality police.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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