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    Just read Days Cafe for the week of August 23.   Good Stuff Coming’

    • Stephanie learns how to change Chloe’s paternity test  –  We’ve been saying it’s Phil but she changes them.
    • Roman planning to stop Sami’s wedding
    • Rafe tells Sami that he can proove what EJ did and Sami finds out EJ was the kidnapper – Since the wedding is being interrupted I’m wondering if Rafe interrupts in his own, Do Rafe AND Roman plan on stopping the wedding and does Rafe inform Roman first and they work together                                                                                                 
    • Arianna tells EJ off, so it looks like she’s finally seen the light where he’s concerned
    • Nicole moves in with Daniel and Chloe – WHAT ARE THEY NUTS?



    Philip is the daddy.  Otherwise, why would Stephanie want to change the results?  Oh, dear!  Here we go again.  <sigh>

    I don’t understand why Nicole would want to move in with C&D.  Does something happen to her $5M and she’s broke?  Let’s see, at a mere 3% interest, that’s almost $12,500 a month.  I could live very nicely off from that.  And what else could the reason be but money?


    does anyone have a FF button that I can borrow, I don’t think my old one is going to hold out…

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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