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    Apparently Brady stops Rafe from attacking Nicole. More spoilers at:



    I never felt from the screen acting that Brady really loved Nichole — not love like I’d like to live w/U forever. To me they were only friends from long ago, so I see this recent proclamation of Brady’s love for Nichole to be plot-driven. The writers are always messin’ with true love — for the ratings? Myself… I’d really enjoy seeing a true love paring (like Doug & Julie had). Maybe, because I’m married to my high school sweetheart (42 years) and believe that relationships CAN last!

    But alas, I’m still a dedicated soap watcher. You can only ‘feel’ the love by watching Chick Flicks! Darn :)


    This great love Brady Black now seems to have for Nicole Walker has baffled me from day one.  Sure, they had some prior connection back when Nicole was plotting and scheming to take Brady from Chloe (really…Nicole…plot and scheme); however, nothing that would make me believe in this deep love and devotion he supposedly now has for Nicole, this love that won’t die, even though he knows she has done nothing but lie to him from the time he returned to Salem.  Not only is this a plot-driven love affair to me; but, it is blatantly incredulous, IMHO.  If after this is all over Brady still forgives and forgets everything that Nicole has done, to him alone if not everything and everyone else, then I would lose any amount of respect I have for this character, and that would be a shame because I really love EM in this role and I don’t think even he could pull it off in a way that I would regain my respect for Brady Black.


    I think Brady is confusing a tender spot in his heart for Nicole as love, or the writers are confused about the emotion. He hurt for her when she lost the baby and he cared about the fact that she was mixing herself up with the Dimeras, but that is not love. Brady loved Chloe and I don’t see that w/Nicole or Arianna.


    The "LOVE" between two people that totally baffles me …is that between Kate and Stefano!  What in the world?  When did Kate suddenly start to love and care about the health of Stefano Dimera?  He may have carried a flame for her…but she was messing around with EJ for a while.  Now she is his step-mother…and not willingly either. When she married Stefano it was to save her own butt….now she is the loving, concerned, doting wife. Ewwww…


     her and feels that he needs to ‘save her from herself’ rather than loves her.  I think the writers may be just messing with seeing if Ari and Brady don’t work, they can go to Nicole and Brady?  Maybe Brady suffers from the ‘savior’ syndrome where he just has to save all the women?  He needs to be there hero and he confuses it with being in love. 

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