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    When do we think Shawn and Belle will return from there endless travels around the world?  I think it’s bizarre that Bo and Hope NEVER mention them or talk about missing their granddaughter.  I know it’s always out of sight, out of mind on DAYS but you would think once in a while they would say that they called or they got a post card from Tahiti or whatever!  Austin and Carrie are mentioned from time to time as are Billie, Chelsea and Max.   And when was the last time Sami saw her twin brother!?  Nobody ever asks Stephanie about how her parents are doing.  Jack, Jennifer, and Abby?  Frankie?  Marlena and John?  Lexie’s mom who took care of Theo all the time – where did she go?  They don’t have to bring them back but these were all critical characters in the Salem family – to at least mention them once in a while when they are sitting around the pub would be nice.




    while the family hangs the Christmas ornaments isn’t asking too much either.  I’m sure all those actor’s aren’t all gainfully employed – a guest shot would be nice.  I’m sure Sami has "called" Marlena to let her know she’s had a granddaughter and that she will have one again (if and when Sami get’s Sydney back). 

    Would we all accept and new Shawn and Belle – (think the actor’s are working elsewhere).  Martha took a really long time to grown on me (being the 2nd Belle)…

    I’d never accept a different John or Marlena – I’d quit watching before I did that – Marlena standing on the dock in the fog and John finding her was what got me started watching.  Different Jacks weren’t so tough for me as I’ve only been watching about 19 years or so.  

    Bo, Hope, Sami, and all the rest barely spend anytime with the kids – When’s the last time Ally was on the show (one scene last week), but before that not mentioned for months…the next thing will be they will be closer to Will’s age (which New-Will looks younger now too).  When this story line with Sydney wraps up…how often are we going to see her?  I’m going to miss that little one – she is a cutiepie!


    I think when John and Marlena left, that was the end of Belle and Shawn coming back anytime soon.  While Shawn would have family, Belle wouldn’t, so she wouldn’t have any friends or family in town.  Sami wouldn’t be the closest, but she is always wrapped up into her own SL.  I just don’t see them fitting into the scene right now.


    Belle and Brady were always close, she could come back to visit him.


    it should have been when Sami lost Grace and then when she found out about Sydney and even now when she believes her kidnapped child is dead.  

    My guess on Belle/Shawn, they won’t be back because the show has too many actors in their age bracket right now: Stephanie, Philip, Nathan, Brady, Arianna, Chloe, and maybe Melanie.  The show usually tries to keep some in each of the age brackets but that would just be way too many.  

    Carrie could return because of the Anna kidnapping.  Mike should definitely return for Alice’s funeral.  

    I suspect that many of the actors don’t want to do a non-contract appearance.  Or maybe Days is afraid that if the actors just do a guest appearance the audience will demand them back full-time?



    stating that "some" vets will be returning when they do actually write Alice’s death into the show, but he did not specify who they would be.  I’m going to guess one of them might be Jennifer, because her husband, Scott Reeves, is now on contract with General Hospital, and Melissa (Jen) said at one time that the only show she would consider returning to would be DOOL.  I also have a feeling that we might be seeing a brief return of Jack and Abby, but that’s just my guess; no names or dates were mentioned; just that a tribute will be paid to Frances Reid when they actually write her passing into the show, with the brief return of some familiar faces.


    I think of her with the old Brady, so I didn’t even think of him.


    I don’t want them to come back. I never liked the new Shawn and I didn’t see any chemistry there. Belle also became whiny and well apparently we’ve got Melanie for that now.

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