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    From:  daytimeroyaltyonline.com/topic/8347022/1/

    Dr. Baker heads out of Salem next week for the second time in a year. "In this day and age, you always hope for bigger and better, but my understanding from talking to Gary Tomlin was that Baker is someone who comes and goes on the scene, and right now, he’s in a go position, "shrugs the actor. "I don’t know what the future holds: I wouldn’t count Dr. Baker out."

    Baker’s Salem run ends with him on trial for the attacks on the men of Salem. Hope is brought in to testify. "As he started to have feelings for her, he saw that she was not some kooky broad who likes to make money by mugging," observes JC. "When Baker goes to trial, he sees that Hope’s going down; her career, possibly her psyche, is going to be damaged forever, and he just decides to stop the trial and take the fall and say, ‘This is it,’ and pleads guilty. So, in the end, he turns rather heroic, which is a nice twist on Baker, because he’s always been so ethically testing the waters and sort of floating on the surface."

    As for another comeback, he says, "It’s completely up to them what they want to write, and if I am available if and when they do call, then we’ll see which way it goes." In the meantime, the actor is auditioning and spending time with his daughter, Kaya, 8. "My role is playing dad, which is the best one," he smiles, adding, "And it pays a little better than scale."

    Last airdate:  August 26th



    didn’t like some of the things he’s done in the past of course, but you could alway count on him to be interesting and "in the thick of things" and getting smacked in the face with events that happened, even though he was kind of carried there of his own voilition…


    DNA on one of the victims?  Or will EJ do that when he’s outed? Or is there another scenario?


     that he simply falls on his sword to save her from any further charges and pleads guilty as charged on all counts.  I don’t believe he implicates Nicole.  I think E.J. will take care of her.


    I found Doc one of the more interesting characters who wasn’t ready to jump someone’s bones like most of the others. Hope to see him back but it’s nice he’s spending time w/his daughter.


    Put me in the camp with the other Dr. Baker fans.  Part of his allure is because he’s portrayed by a good actor!  He’s just plain fun to watch.  I wish him the best and hope Days makes him an offer in the future that he can’t refuse!

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