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    I’m finding the storylines very slow and boring right now.

     The murder "investigation" is insulting, unrealistic, and really uninteresting.

     Kayla playing barmaid and nursemaid to Abe is ridiculous.

     Gaby, Abby, Chad, etc…are the most boring summer storylines ever. Does anyone remember when teens/young adults    were the focus of the summer stories? going to the lake? swimming? barbeques? 

    The ONLY reason I’m watching right now is Daniel and Nicole. Their scenes are fun to watch. I’m interested in their relationship and what will happen between them. The same with Sami and Lucas, just not to the same degree. 

    Thank goodness there’s something left for me to care about!

    Anyone else feel this way or am I weirdo…lol



    Not one thing you wrote I can disagree with.  You’ve hit the nail on the head AFAIC.


     I agree with everything you say except that I don’t like Nicole and Daniel together.  I’m glad she’s become a better person, but I have to say I miss her being kind of bad.  I don’t think she can be good forever.  And I don’t know, but there’s just something else I don’t like about this pairing and I can’t quite put my finger on it.  But who knows, maybe I will get used to, and love them as a couple.  But right now, I still love her and EJ.

    I like Sami and Lucas together but I don’t think that will last because Sami is Sami after all!




     Actually the thought of Nicole and Dan doing it every chance they can while she has a high risk pregnancy is a real turn off to me. Can’t say any story excites me right now. I am hoping for improvement soon. 


    I thought of that the other day when Daniel threw Nicole on the bed and flopped on top of her. Yikes, be careful you two!!


     pretty much post the same thing. I’ll just jump on your bandwagon ;)

    Bored, bored, bored with the show right now. I cannot stand this Sami/EJ stuff. She was her best with Rafe, but they ruined that and ruined him. Don’t like him either. Where’s Justin, Adrienne, Jen, Jack…?

    All the stories are terrible. There isn’t one interesting thing going on. I do like Nicole and Dan together, but all they do is have sex. I love when they are having conversations. They’re honest.

    Whatever happens after the Olympics better be BIG. HUGE! Because I was soooo excited for the reset LAST year and then this…I’m pretty close to being done.


    the dan and nichole thing is kind of rough for her high risk pregnancy.. it makes me cringe a little, but the no commitment thing seems to be working for them.. I was wondering if they would try to pair Kayla and Abe.. he just lost his wife.. she is newly single.. they seem to have a lot of scenes together right now and to me it seems like a foreshadowing… i have been wrong in the past though..LOL.


    I agree about Dan and nicole, I do like them together but I agree, she doesn’t seem to worry about her baby too much when she’s having a sex marathon with Daniel. I like the scenes between Lucas and Sami, but NOT sami and EJ!!!! GAWD! I am enjoying John and Lucas teaming up and trying to take over the dimera empire. The whole Melanie kidnapping I could live without.


     I never thought I’d consider not watching…but I am almost there unfortunately.


    Glad I’m not the only one who feels that way. I almost feel like I’m cheating on Days when I choose to watch other programs and not watch Days on the DVR Hahaha! I’m so bummed about the show. It makes me sad when I watch because I save 2-3 days and watch them all in a row…and nothing. Nothing to look forward to, nothing to enjoy, nothing to cry/laugh about. Just nothing right now.


    I just don’t care much about these uninvolving SLs. I don’t even care much for Dan and Nicole because of their sexual romps. With this baby supposedly meaning so much, seems Nicki would rather do the deed with the always accomodating Dan and I find their behavior a little too close to “slutty.”
    I even worry now Days will ruin Will the way it’s going. I want to see Gabby get what’s coming but will she?
    And this has got to be the stupidest muder investigation ever. I sure hope the cavalry is coming post-Olympics!


    my addiction to DOOLnever ever in a million years…I mean after 20 years of watching – I thought I would need a 12 step program to get weaned off the show. I was so addicted that I planned my vacations around it when and where I could watch. I even took sick leave when I was at work when something really "big" was happening. Before DVR’s – there were back up VCR’s humming just in case one didn’t work…yes, it was an addiction.

    The first time I tried to stop watching – I went three months and then like in Godfather III  "just when I thought I was out, they pulled me back in…".  So now I’m almost 9 months without DOOL, keeping track of SL’s through SP with you guysies and other friends, but I’m doing fine without it.

    When I read what you all write – the good, the bad and the ugly, I find that most (99 and 3/4%) of the story lines – well, let’s just say been there – watched that before. Somebody is either kidnapped, shot, died but come back to life, parental jumbles on who is who’s daddy, musical beds in the romance department – yadayaddayada…so I find that I’m not missing anything.

    If I find that something like when Bo’s departure is going to be "stupendously mind-blowing not to be missed" is a reason to turn it on just to watch the "last day" (of which I highly doubt) of his being on the show – then maybe I will turn it on for that one episode. Until then, I find that an extra hour a day (well, 40 minutes because comericals and FF’ding) is more advantageous in my day…but that’s just me. The final break that ended my addiction to Days – was Days itself.


     I am close behind you. I planned my college classes around DOOL–my work schedules and many more events have revolved around Days. 

    I habe been in love with Bo since Day 1 on screen. I am not expecting much when he leaves. At least that way I won’t be disappointed. 


    soon …. just hang in there ….. the cliffhanger before the Olympics is going to blow your socks off.  Lots of good stuff coming in next 2 weeks, but no more hints for now.


     half of the show as I usually watch Y&R too and they share 30 minutes.  I haven’t even been interested enough to watch the first half.  I hate this Sami/EJ/Lucas crap – sorry I don’t like her with either guy and the writers seem to have ruined Rafe/Sami for me.  Carrie, another old fave, has also been ruined since she first left with Mike for Israel.  Gabi/Chad/etc  Blah!!!  Will was the best part of the show but even now his smirks are getting to me -what is he really up to?  Frankly, if I were Ken Corday, I’d be darn worried about my show and if it will have an audience after the Olympics!  That is the last thing this show needs going into a long break. They are obviously taping too far ahead to realize how bad things have gotten and instead of dumping out the stuff that is bad and replacing it early, they seem to be in the mind frame to just let the crap play out and then hope there’s an audience left for the new writers.  Dumping Peter Reckell and the actress that plays Madison – dumb ideas to go with the dumber than dumb story lines.  They need to cut out the stuff that isn’t working and focus on slowly developing what is.  It seems like they may also be doing what the other remaining soaps have done – hire the laid off actors from AMC and OLTL.  It is working well on Y&R with 2 – Debbie Morgan and Darniel Williams but some of the others aren’t.  

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