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    They are certainly trying to make it look like Rafe was the one who attacked the district attorney.  Missing his date with Gabi, he obviously wasn’t with Sami, acting aloof and not having an alibi?  I wonder where the writers are going with this and what he was really doing during that time, because he doesn’t want to be truthful about it but I don’t think he will be the perpetrator.  I think they are doing it so that him & Sami can re-bond over her providing an alibi for him, plus it will be interesting to see how it plays out in the Chad/Gabi circle.  They made a point to show that Chad thinks his dad is too judgmental yesterday.  Hmmm…any thoughts? 


    I thought EJ had something to do with it so he can discredit Rafe in Sammi’s eyes and take away from his relationship with her.

    Other than that, who else even though the DA is a slimeball would do this? Obviously Rafe is not the culprit.


    I really think the actor who plays the DA just doesn’t fit the role.    He doesn’t have that "authority" look about him.  And now they’re adding his wife, who to me doesn’t fit with the DA either – strange bedfellows – or are they estranged?  Yesterday’s conversation at the hospital with Chad and his Mom was odd – she was talking to him like he was a stranger to her.  Who does he live with?


     I cant get past the fact that he was in that tv show Empty Nest, their goofy neighbor Charile Deetze the BellHop on a cruise ship. 


     commenting on how the first scene with the hug wasn’t easy. Casey (Chad) is 6′ 5" and she couldn’t stretch high enough to appear over his shoulder which was the stage direction.  He had to lean down and she was still stretching according to the comment.  Maybe that is the awkwardness you felt?  


    I sure wish someone could convince him to stand up straight.  He should be proud of his height.  I hate to see him hunched over all the time.  Boy, he’s 6’5"?  Wow!  No wonder they split him and Mia up. 

    Ms. Jake

    Rafe is being set up….either the DA is on the Dimera payroll, or he just has it in for Rafe. Unless EJ hired someone to attack him and had Rafe’s voice on a tape recorder…so that’s what he heard.

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