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    I thought it was okay, I’m just happy that we got one, since July 4th was overlooked. I’m just sad that they didn’t have it at the Horton house, especially since I read a spoiler that they would have it there. I guess they don’t have that set anymore or something. I was also sad that Alice and Mickey "were in the kitchen" but I’m glad they got mentioned. I am also glad that we got to them putting up their ornaments, but we didn’t get to see all of them, like Abby, Jack, Jennifer and Jack Jr. I did like seeing Shawn, Belle, Claire and Zack’s ornaments, though.  And how sad was it that Lucas got reduced to the background? I didn’t even notice him after he came in with Allie until I saw him behind Nathan and Stephanie. Great as always to see Doug and Julie, I always like when they make their appearances.

    I liked the candlelight vigil for Sydney, I wish Anna would return her before Christmas, but I guess that’s not going to happen. I also liked that Rafe and Carly finally ran into each other!

    What’s up with Roman calling Anna yesterday and Stefano calling today? Isn’t she supposed to be out of town?



    I think maybe Stefeno and Roman may suspect Anna,as too why they are insiting she come to Salem and celebrate with them.. i kept looking for a glimps of mickey and Alice.  Was nice to see all others together and happy. How bout phil and Mel, Wow little fast….


    Oh yeah, I hate how fast they rushed into it. I mean they haven’t even had a real date yet, and he’s already proposing? I think he even did the same thing with Belle. He really needs to learn to take relationships slow!


    The ornament hanging ceremony was pretty rushed IMO. And I felt Hope was really reaching out to Bo, and yet again he didn’t reciprocate. This limbo B&H are in shows no signs of letting up. I’m surprised no one has mentioned counseling as a start.
    I would have liked Doug to sing a carol. And it would be nice if we got to hear Chloe sing.
    Not the usual Horton/Brady Christmas of Days past.


    into marriage….  ?  Yes, it seems too contrived.  Seems Kathryn & Vivian could still fued over Phil & his love life without rushing the story into wedding plans.    I supposed, if I wanted to believe this instant romance… it would be because they (Phil & Melanie) are both afraid of losing AGAIN.  Sort of like, let’s make it happen and then let’s see what happens (early separation vs rocking chairs).

    So Melanie moves into the Kirikias family homestead? Then Nathan can move back into Maggies?


    This relationship with Mel and Phil is nothing short of disgusting to me.  I can’t fathom that Philip could possibly ‘love’ Mel that quickly.  And I don’t believe for a minute that she ‘loves’ him either.  In fact, I can’t find any possible reasoning for this proposal.  It’s all a sham AFAIC.

    As someone else mentioned, the best thing they could do with this fiasco would be to make it a dream sequence.


    The Christmas Eve episode was just ok… would have liked to see a few more ornaments, or mentions of other family members.  I was happy that they at least mentioned Alice and Mickey, even if we didn’t get to see them.  And of course, the Bo & Hope frustration continues.  Seems that as soon as one of them is ready to talk/work things out, the other has no interest.  And then the next day, it’s vice versa.  How many months will this go on???  Blehhhhhh.


     Vivian to fight and for Vivian to get closer to Melanie?  Would Melanie be in Vivian’s path if not for the engagement?  I don’t think so.  


    Vivian can’t go and harm the fiancee of her "son" now can she.  So it will be interesting when it comes out that Mel is Carly’s daughter.  I then can see this phillip & mel pairing lasting for a long time.  Which I am not sure I like, they need to slow it down and see where they are with their feelings.

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