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    These idiot writers (and I listened to this three times to be sure) had Kate use the term "her baby daddy" instead of "her baby’s daddy".  Good grief!  Why in the heck did Lauren ever agree to that?


    think they are being "hip and cool" or whatever is the vernacular of the day.  Kate is a refined (well, now she is – maybe not when she was a hooker), lady and I don’t think she would ever use that term willingly.  That would be like the writers having the late, great Mrs. Horton say – "Yo mama!"  Just not believable.  Get with it writers – we can only take so much weirdness in the show from you.  If it detracts from the story line and when strange wording by the characters makes us think about gangbangers and street talk which has nothing to do with the story lines – it’s not a good reflection on your prose or prowess at a writer.


     LMAO I had to laugh out loud at the thought of Mrs. H saying that!   LOL I think she could pull it off though.  I guess I wasnt paying too much attention to Kate when she was talking to herself.  

    Vivvy was funny again singing 99 bottles of bear on the wall!  It’s taking her so long to go crazy from the toxic fumes becuase she’s already Nutso!  


    of Vivian’s plea to Victor on Monday about the toxic fumes:

    (Viv):  "Victor, you’ve got to let me out before I go mad."

    (Vic):  "Won’t be a long trip."

    Hahaha – so funny, and yet so true.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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