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    While Chloe and Dan were rushed, I think it was built up enough it worked.  You had them sneaking around, you had Chloe push away, you had them come together, you had Chloe in the hospital, etc.  So when they finally got together I think it was a good climax/ending.  I also like how there is no wedding yet, it will come, but they are just together right now.

    Now as for Phillip, I thought everything Victor said to him was right on.  I was cheering on Victor.  I just think it is stupid and Phillip is known for doing this.

    Stephanie is the same way, jump from one relationship to another.  Which is why i liked Nathan and Mel together.  He brought out the more mature side of her, which was good.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)
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