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    Just saw on soapoperafan.com that Dylan Patton (Will since 2/27/09) is being replaced by Chandler Massey. 


    I personally feel the role of Will has never been played by the right person.  So I am hoping this recast is a good recast and portrays Sami and Lucases child much better than the last couple actors.


    I am happy to hear this news. They have never cast the correct Will yet-a feisty blond intelligent kid who has a lot of chemistry to share. After all he is the son of Sami and Lucas so what else could we expect? This new kid looks like he just might fill that bill. The last Will showed no personality at all. Why didn’t the casting manager see he would not be right? Strange.


    We can only hope that the new actor shows great chemistry w/Lucas.


    I hope the new Will has more spark to him. Don’t know if this was simply the actor’s interpretation or the way he was being directed.
    He and Mia were such downers. Let’s see some life out of these teens!

    Ms. Jake

    I don’t think I’ve ever seen him happy. He was cute but needed more personality.


    and maybe the new kid’s hair will move!


    Same here, IzzyB.  He has always been too wooden and emotionless.  They did the same thing with Sean D until he finally grew up.  I know there are good kid actors out there because we see them on primetime all the time.  Heck, they did well with Ciera,  let’s hope this new guy fits the bill.


    I don’t know.  If i had Sami and Lucas for parents, I might be glum too.  Disfunctional family comes to mind and he is a moody teenager for sure, just what did he have to be happy about?  I always felt he portrayed him as smart and compassionate, just not ready to expose his feelings, like is mom does. I would want hide if she were my mom.

      These are just mythoughts.  I’ve given up trying to figure out how or why they want the actors to portray their characters as they do, since they write such strange story lines for them.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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