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    I never heard this name til this chick on American Idol now there’s a girl on This season of Hell’s Kitchen named Siobhan.   Just thought that was funny.


    A weird coincidence. The way these “chefs” crumble under Ramsey is a hoot to watch.


     as a kid we a girl in the neighborhood with that name.  Another time years later, there was one in our school.  The girl was getting into trouble on the playground and another teacher was yelling, "see-oh-ban" thinking that was how it was said and the child kept doing what she was doing because that wasn’t her name, lol.  They had name tags on so the teacher thought she was correct.  I finally asked if "Shuh-von" was who she wanted and that solved the problem.  It’s an unusual name in that the pronunciation isn’t the way it looks.  


    Look at Sinead O’Connor.  Or Seamus, or Sade, or, heck, I can’t think of any now but the ‘S’ names in particular seem to have a different pronounciation.  Instead of a silent ‘S’, it’s an INVISIBLE ‘S’. 

    Of course if we were in Ireland, they wouldn’t be strange at all.  I couldn’t have guessed at the correct pronounciation of ‘Siobhan.’  Actually, that’s really a very pretty name.


    that they were considering naming me an Italian name, (some Italian in my heritage, but mostly Scottish, German, Irish, French – almost a Heinz 57 mix) – they were going to name me "Pia"   Now can you imagine having a name like that in kindergarten thru 6th grade?  "Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeea" you pee" I can hear the little boys now….I am so glad my folks changed their minds about what to name their first born.  In Italy, it’s a common girls name though. 

    I always thought, parents please be careful what you name your children – the name could be a burden sometimes. 

    And for goodness sake, don’t name them the flavor of the week – In the 50’s every girl was named Betty Jo’s or Mary Sue in the fifth grade classes.  The 60’s a lot of kid’s got stuck with Moonbeam or Sally (from Mustang Sally – not because it was a cute name) or John and Paul – and not because of the Popes but because of the Beatles.  

    In 70’s there were thousands of little boys named  Christopher Michael or Michael Christopher for the Gerber Baby food commercial (cute baby though).  The 80’s brought us a lot  of little girls got stuck with names because of Madonna, Pat (Benatar), Whitney, etc. 

    And then in the 90’s came Britney, Shania, Mariah, Celine…lot’s of girls in school’s just graduating with those names being announce on the H.S. podium.  And goodness help the girls of today saddled with the monikers like  "GaGa", Rihanna, Shakira, Beyonce…

    Siobhan is different and pretty – I guess in 12 years at a H.S. graduation class there will be 20 or so girls with that name too receiving their diplomas. 



    In the late 70’s very early 80’s we had a rash of girls born where I worked and most of them were named Lauren. 

    When my cousin was making his confirmation he wanted Ringo for his confirmation name but soon discovered there wasn’t a St. Ringo so he settled on Paul. 

    My brother was 19 years older than I am, he was born in 1938.  When my mom was expecting she promised Grandma she could name him.  After he was born Grandma reminded Mom of her promise and she was reading a book with a boy and girl, the boy’s name was Elmont.  Glad to say that ended up being his middle name. 


     "Beyonce" and she is a diva.    The boys’ names never seem to be as unusual as the girls’.  


    There was a Siobhan on the old soap "Ryan’s Hope".  She was a fairly major character (a member of the Ryan family).  The spelling always confused me.

    Carol J

    The late 70’s brought about the Jenn invasion. Now it’s Emma (Friends Ross’ & Rachel’s baby’s name) and Emily ( the girl Ross called Rachel at the altar).

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